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Bush's visit


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Let's take Paris Hilton as an example. She is filthy rich, but she's as stupid as someone can be and still manage to remember to breath.

How do you know? How much time have you spent with her? Ever seen her IQ test? I could just as easily make the same gratuitious assertions about you or any other stranger here. Bottom line is when you make a statement like that about someone you really don't know, you're just talking out your rear.

Have you seen her show? (And anyway I only chose her as an example because I had just checked my email. God I'm sick of getting emails about that video. But that's really off topic.)

Wealth and degrees might not be the most accurate measure of a stranger's intellect, but they are most certainly a better measuring stick than anything else I have seen mentioned.
What else has been mentioned? Starting a war and stuttering? If that's what you're referring to, I have to agree with you that your's are better. It doesn't mean they are good. Edited by Ryan243
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Well, call me American, so I know how we run our Presidential elections. I don't vote to place my confidence in a man of average or less than intelligence, and neither does anyone else I know.

I wasn't asking you what drives you to vote, but rather how presidents are elected in the U.S.. I may be 'non American', but I do live in Kentucky, and here in the 'Bible Belt' I am surrounded by conservative, pro American and family oriented people who share similar beliefs to myself.

I don't class myself as politicaly minded and have never voted in my life. As I've got older I've taken more of an interest in global politics, have always embraced history with a passion and my fourteen years in the British Army have never changed my opinions.


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