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Private B

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Adder - Tally clerk

Adenoid - Irrritated by adverts

Alimony - Arrb coins

Arable - Islamic

Armada - Which art in Heaven

Barbecue - Awaiting haircut

Bulletin - Loaded

Capsize - Three and seven-quatres

Carrion - Continue

Castanet - Go fishing

Castrate - Theatre review

Chinchilla - Aftershave

Condescending - Greek Paratrooper

Divest - Princess' garment

Dragster - Transvestite

Equivocal - Duet

Farthering - Distant object

Flatulent - Borrowed apartment

Fodder - Male parent

Gangrene - IRA hitsquad

Grateful - Enough firewood

Gunwale - Harpoon

Handicap - Useful Cap

Homophone - Gay Hotline

Ideal - You shuffle

Jargon - Lost container

Lieutenant - Vacant apartment

Manifold - Origami

Masturbator - Accomplished Fisherman

Nomad - Sane

Notice - Melted

Opine - Irish tree

Plaindrome - Friend in airport

Pasturage - Older

Picnicker - Select underwear

Polygon - Dead parrot

Racketeer - tennis player

Semen - sailors

Silicon - Dumb trick

Tartar - Goodbye

Thinking - Slender Monarch

yataghan - Once more


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