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Hey, ive gotton thins error box come up a few times when ive been on the net, i have AVG6 with latest updates, and it doesnt finds anything crook, so whats the story.

Do not adjust your sets, this is a screen shot, not your computer :rocky: :


It gives you a countdown before shutting down the computer, a real pain.

Please help.

(40secs, ooooooo im fast. that long to take a screen shot, paste in paint, crop and save :ninja: )

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i have a ###### connection, so i dont know.

I think the patch killed it, it hasnt gone off today.

I forgot the computer was downloading and installing the patch, and went to bed.

I got up for a slash and noticed it was in the login screen, so either the virus had one last shot, or the installer restarted?

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Once you apply the patch, you need to do a search for msblast.exe, and delete it, and also go into the registry to

Hkey local machine\software\microsoft\windows\current version\ and check the


Run Once

Run Services

and Run services Once folders, and remove it from there also. That should take care of it for you.

Then shut your PC down for 15 seconds to make sure RAM is flushed, and reboot. Reapply the patch just to make sure since it still resided on your system.

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