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Max Payne 2 DEMO Is Out


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I picked the demo up at Fileplanet here: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/133340.shtml

Although the graphics and AI engine seem to be an improvement over the original Max Payne, I am still a little unimpressed. Mind you, I have not yet tried the full version of either so I can only speak to the demos. I liked the first demo better because it was much more moody and immersive. Loved the jones'n V freaks.

That being said, the demo (and the full version I imagine) offer a new game type: "Dead Man Walking." OMG! I never much thought of my self as a spray 'n prayer but that's about all you can do here. It's just you in a very small map with a bunch of baddies spawning all around you with NO WAY OUT except on a slab. It sort of reminds of the scene from Matrix Reloaded where Neo is up against all those Mr. Smith's. The object is to live as long as possible. You can pick up guns and ammo from the dead guys. Make sure you make good use of the "bullet time" feature. It's the only way to live very long.

On the map that game with the demo I've been able survive for 4 minutes 33.37 seconds with the autoaim enabled. Has anyone done better?


P.S. The Dead Man Walking game is available only after you complete the all-too-brief single player mission that comes with the demo. After completing mission, you should receive a message saying that a new game type is available.

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- .:Nightmare:.,Nov 19 2003, 15:45 ] I've been able to do better. You see, I've managed to find the cheat to play through the entire game as nude Mona....

I love that Striker shotgun thingy....is that a real weap? Looks a bit like a sawn off USAS 12 to me....

If you're running around as nude Mona (insert homer simpson drooling sound) how are you even able to concentrate well enough to survive longer than my outstanding 4 mins 30 secs?!?!

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