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my own webspace


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i have ten megs of webspace thru my ip provider and would really like to utilize it but have no clue ..doh... what do i need to create my site ? rogers gives you know help on hoow to do this on their site and no links either... obviously need ftp manager to upload pages but what else ?

any help be appreciated or direct me in the right way......thanx

i know it's not hard but i am nubee to cgi html etc...

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Basicly, just go download WsFTP (free) for the ftp program and learn some html. Lots of sites out there about it, and it's pretty simple to learn with everything being put between tags. Not unlike those used here when you post images, quotes and so on.

Later, when you get into fancy stuff, you can learn css, php (server needs to support this), javascript, dhtml... the list goes on. But html is all that is needed for a basic website.

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on html or client-side...

as firefly mentioned, i would recommend finding a free or shareware "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" (WYSIWYG) html editor. what this means is that you can import a image (say, the banner image for your clan or whatever), use your mouse to place it where you would want it on a document and when you export it to html, it will write the code out for you so the banner shows up where you placed it. the editor i used to use is "coolpage."

the upside to this is the ease of use. you wont need to know any html at all. the downside is that these programs will typically create very complicated html and usually include their own gratuitous advertising in your source code and may, in some cases, not be compliant with some browsers. ultimately you'll want to move on to something like "dreamweaver" which is a hybrid of wysiwyg but also allows for unprecedented control of layout for optimal html structuring (by forcing you to design in "tables").

on server-side...

if you are very unfamiliar with html, i would not mess with server-side (cgi, perl, php, etc) applications until you are. in any event, i would recommend learning php and mysql rather than cgi or perl. its much more user friendly and, as i understand, much more stable. however, installing apache, php and mysql on your own computer ("locally") to you can test your server-side apps is a huge pain. i recommend using "phpTriad" (i think now under a different name, just google it) its a prepackaged app for windows that should install all three effortlessly.

on ftp...

i tried a lot of free ftp programs and they all suck but the one that sucks the least is coffee cup ftp (in their defense, my hosts xfer sucks so it might be them).

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thanx guys very helpful...... i have space with rogers.com if this makes any difference they support cgi they say........

will post a link when i get it all figured out as long as ya promise not too laugh or post it on one of those crappiest websites site :lol::lol:

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