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Brazilian Special Forces v1.0


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70 because a 7.62 round takes up more space than a 5.56. it's bigger. a 20 rd. 762 mag is about the same size as a 30 rd 556 mag so if beta one day makes a 7.62 cmag then it will probably have 2/3 the ammo capacity of their 223 ones.

mags are curved because bullets taper toward the front. if you stack bullets on top of each other you'll end up with a leaning tower.. so mags curve to avoid feeding problems.

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the springfield guns look great! :thumbsup:

but I have some suggestions to improve the texture:

they seem (no, they are) a bit to bright and to "clean".

just make them a little bit darker or change the opacity or add some dirt..

btw: happy b-day croc ;)

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Thanks man

Dont worry...they will look darker in game...thats just lighting effects on Max, but the dirt is a great idea.... :thumbsup:

I have a new specialist for you guys

Hes a PARA-SAR operator.

These guys are the Brazilian Air Force elite team, our version of the PJs.

Their missions include:

Search and Rescue operations

Downed aircrew and aircraft recovery

Counter Terrorism / Hijacked aircraft recovery

The weaponry includes:

5.56x45mm HK 33

9x19mm HK MP5 SD A3

.45 acp pistol


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this looks sweet bud :thumbsup:

off topic here but what guns do the brazillian military police use as i was in brazil visiting my uncle (he married a brazillian and is now a semi resident and lives in Belem) and we were at a bar and a MP car pulled up and a guy got out and started to talk to a dude, then they left but came back 5 mins later and this time the dude got out with an assualt rifle (i was too wasted to know that the gun was)

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Hummm....since you were wasted..that could be anything.....the drinks made in Belem can knock you down easily...... :lol:

Here are some goodies they use that might resemble a AR to a drunk guy:



CAR 15


HK 33


The modern things are in Rio and Brasília (my city) on special ops law enforcement teams:

MP5 (A3 and SD A3)



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Danm Wolsong.... :lol: I totally forgot about that one... :rofl:

I always wanted to do something like that, now you just reminded me of it.... :rofl:

Monolith character is very awesome....i just felt he needed some gear on him, but in fact i was trying to do a character based on that guy on that pic... ;)

So i guess i had one shot two kills.... :o=

totally off topic but how did it come to evenesence replacing your croc, dont get me wrong there a .......well band but chomp chomp was so nice.

Well, i heard the whole CD just for a change of pace and i knda got hooked by it, plus Amy Lee inst just a great singer, shes gorgeous too. C'mon, take a look at my sig, you cant argue with those eyes.... :wub:

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