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Brazilian Special Forces v1.0


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Boys and girls,

This topic was deleted by mistake..... :lol: ...NP...Lets start it again. :lol:

This mod got into a brand new phase. We already have the great weapons by Warden Mac and now we can count with 2 more world class modellers, Shadow and Chems.

I went to a gear store and took pics of camo used by brazilian forces and after some Photoshop treatment, i made some very realistic brazilian camo.

For GR original maps i picked the Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais (CFN).

The Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais (CFN) (Brazilian Marine Corp) is a part of the Brazilian Navy and its ground forces. Their quote "AD SUMUS" (latin for Here we are) demonstrate these troopers disposition. The CFN has been in all international missions Brazil was involved including UNAVEM-III (United Nations Angola Verification Mission), FIP (Força Interamericana de Paz), MOMEP (Equador/Peru conflict), UNPREDEP / UNPROFOR / UNTAES, and UNTAET / UNMISET / INTERFET.


What do you guys think? Let me hear some opinions so i can improve it for all of you..... ;)

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For Desert Siege map i picked our most diferent elite troop in the Brazilian Army.

The 72º BIMtz - Batalão de Infantaria Motorizada (Motorized Infantry Battalion) is the Brazilian Army's unit specialized in desert and savanna warfare. Those kind of enviroments are very hostile and require special training and special BDUs.


More info about the 72º BIMtz

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This is the first specialist released.

C.O.T. - Comando de Operações Táticas (Tactical Operations Command)

The Brazilian Federal Police Department has its own Special Force. Its the C.O.T. wich has among their mission, Drug aprehension, counter traffic measures, hostage rescue, high level prisioners scort and VIP protection. They are specialized in Urban unconvetional warfare to deal organized drug cartels. They act in a tipical brazilian urban enviroment including the dangerous favelas in Rio. They were responsable for the capture of Drug Lord Elias Maluco, murderer of the reporter Tim Lopez.


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As a GR skin lover, and specially as your friend....I have to say that this is a very good work. HEY People!! he is my skining teacher. MY MENTOR!! A very good reference for me. All I can do at this time in skining is cause Sgt CROCODILE toughts me all. And now U can see that I didn't chose a bad teacher.... :yes::thumbsup:

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Gotta love that M4!!! Beautiful skins Croc!  :thumbsup:

Thanks B., but that M4A1 is Warden Mac's work...hes making some real good looking weapons. ;)

I reskinned the Blackhawk to look like the ones we got here. Thanks for the tips guys....... ;)




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Because of some very upsetting and some very good events the has occured lately with me, my time schedulle became very full, so unfortunatelly i decide to stop this mod untill i have free time again.

Dont worry, i wont disapear, but modding is done to me for a few months, untill i put my life in order.

I am really really sorry and sad because of that.

I just felt that i should tell you guys that.

Thanks for all the support.

PS: This is not the end of this mod, only a long time out.

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Probably Croc wants to make it realistic. If the Exercito Brasileiro use aimpoints, croc will try to use the m4 with the aimpoint...He will make it as it is in the real world. Like in Op. Stab. AUS-Viper didn't add masterkey to the m4, but maked a shotgun kit...How about your life sgt. Croc?? I always see U connected to the MSN messenger but U are never there...like in this moment I'm speaking U and U aren't there.....grr

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could ya untuck his pants from his boots,

desert camo his m4, givem some sun glasses,

an ear piece,shortin his m4 barrel,

put a silincer on it and give him an aimpoint scope?

I'm trying to make them as real as possible, so if i do all that, he'll look more like a SOG operator, than our Federal Police Tactical agents.

Besides i dont have 3DS..those models were made by FTG Shadow. I just put the colors on them based in what i see in pics and live talks to the guys themselves.

I got great cooperation from the Federal Police and the Brazilian Marine Corp.

Just to you guys to know,i'll restart the work on early February.


Cheers :thumbsup:

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