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Martial Arts Training

Dark Ranger

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I totally agree that grappling is a very serious art to contend with, but I'm a firm believer in training for all aspects.

As far as martial arts, I really think all are equal and deserve respect as art forms..

A couple of very good points that i totally agree with. I prefer to train to be an all around martial artist. Not just a "one trick pony" as they say. I think to focus only on striking or only on grappling is a big mistake. Unfortunately some people get so caught up in their one and only style that they don't bother training to be an all-around fighter. Some arts are more comprehensive IMO and cover the bases a little better than others. But all arts offer something good and no style should be taken too lightly.

There definitely are some TKD schools out there where the training is not up to par, but that is also true for any style. It depends alot on the instructors and how they teach and how qualified they are. TKD is pretty much taught as a sport these days as is Judo and many others.

My primary focus in training is to be able to defend my self and people I care about. The excercise is merely a bonus and I don't do it to meet people and socialize. Nothing wrong with that but that seems to be the biggest goal for some.

I find it really annoying when martial artists say they have no respect for this art or that art. That's just being close-minded IMO and ignorant. My preferred art is Hapkido because I feel it prepares a person very well for self defense situations. But I also enjoy learning things from many other arts that Hapkido may not offer. I don't beleive there is one perfect art out there. What I look for are techniques and concepts that I think are realistic and will work in a so-called real fight. Some of the stuff I like are: Russian Sambo, Modern Defendo, aiki jujitsu, Machado Brazillian Jujitsu, CDT(using non-lethal force to subdue) and so on.

Also annoying are people who say stuff like "that kunf fu stuff is crap, or "martial arts don't work in REAL fight". But I think Rocky covered that pretty well already. Anyways I'll stop rambling now. :unsure:

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Yep, the "gracie hunter" was his nick. He pretty much ruled supreme until silva blew out his shoulder. (now THAT is one scary ######)

I totally agree about abbot, he was way outclassed. I was just trying to make a point of artists vs. fighters and he was the first pure brawler I thought of. For a guy with almost no training at all, he still did pretty well.

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except maybe the americanized McDonalds style tkd schools all over the place that teach cookie cutter garbage

Most of the dojos that I see around here are like this. Well, they don't necessarily teach 'garbage' per se, but from what I saw, they invest alot of time in training the kiddies or just people who join their dojos for competition fight, instead of self-defence/real life contact situations. Thus, they become really strict and unflexible in their technique. I remember sparring with a friend of mine that has a black belt from such and such dojo, and throughout the sparring match he kept saying,"No, you can't do that. That's not a fair move". Mind you he's big (about 6'3") and really built. While I'm this lean 5'7" 125lbs guy.

Try Aikijutsu and Jiujitsu or anything with 'jutsu/jitsu' at the end. They are usually still adhere to their classic styles and their fights are designed to be employed for real life encounters (as opposed to Aikido, and Judo).


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Shotokan Karate :

- Started @ Age 13.

- Attained Rank of Nidan @ 18 ( Was Junior Black until just before Age 18 ).

Tiger Claw Kung Fu ( Southern Hung Gar Style ) :

- Started @ Age 16.

- Attained Rank of Initiate by 19 ( Black Sash with Red Tassle ).

- Proficient with the Katana, Bo, Nun-chuks, and to some extent the 3 Sectional Staff as well as some types of Shuriken.

Tae Kwon Do ( ###### ) :

- Started at Age 19.

- Attained 3rd Dan and Title of Gyosa Nim ( Instructor ) by 21.

- Proficient at 1 and 3 Step Fighting as well.

That said I'm 36 and I still practise My Forms, Do a Cardio Workout, and the Heavy Bag 3 to 5 times a week.

Thats almost 24 Years of Studying the Arts for Me.



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I have no martial arts training but i wouldn't mind doing some kick-boxing. Are there any martial arts out there that are based around fighting/self defence, learning skills that you would like in kick boxing? ;) (i know, im dumb, theres probably millions but i dont know anything about martial arts seen as i've never done any)

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Im well practised in my own idividua style of fighting. I use almost any move I am capable of doing. Trips, open hand, closed hand, swift and extended kicks. Anything goes, and I have not lost a fight since 5th grade.

But my real style of combat revolves aroud knives. I know pulling a knife on an unarmed man is unfair. But if I am getting jumped in an alley, knives tend to make people think twice about coming close. Quiter than guns too, easier to use. I've becom quite profichent at throwing knives too. I can bury a 5 inch blade up to the hilt in your chest from 20 yards away. That is mighty useful, and cool at parties too. :D

And frankly, I was trained to take any unfair advantage I can. War is all about being as unfair as possible. Honor doesn't matter when your dead.

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