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Building the perfect shooter list


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My list of shooting games is fast becoming formidable. This is definitely my favorite genre now and I’m now completely obsessed with owning all of the best shooters out there. There are a few that I am considering:

1. Dead To Rights (http://www.deadtorights.com/) ~ this has been re-released for about 20 bucks as a “classic” of shooters and is often compared to Max Payne. It also just came out on PC, so I'm curious to see how it compares to the Xbox version.

2. Half-Life (http://half-life.sierra.com/) ~ I'm already excited about HL2 just from reading about it.. But I never played the original on console or PC.

3. True Crime (http://www.activision.com/microsite/truecrime/) ~ now that it's out I've heard mostly disappointing opinions. Hope it's not as bad as what I've seen people say so far.

So those are a few of the ones I’m looking at right now. Any feedback would be cool. Also, I have listed below all the shooters I already own and others I plan to get.

Shooters I Have:


Ghost Recon

Kill Switch


Splinter Cell

007 Nightfire

The Thing

Hitman 2

Time Splitters 2

Unreal Championship

Max Payne

Indiana Jones: Emperor’s Tomb

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Enter The Matrix

Brute Force

Conflict: Desert Storm



GTA Vice City

SOCOM Navy Seals

Medal of Honor Frontline

The Getaway

Metal Gear Solid 2

Time Splitters

Unreal Tournament


Metroid Prime

Resident Evil Zero

Sum Of All Fears


Max Payne 2


Call Of Duty

TRON 2.0


RTCW Tides of War

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault / Spearhead

Battlefield 1942 / Road To Rome

Soldier of Fortune 2


Rainbow Six 3

Iron Storm

Redneck Rampage

Tomb Raider III

Shooters to get:

Halo 2

MOH Rising Sun

Far Cry



Half Life 2

S.W.A.T. Global Strike Team

DX: Invisible War

Metal Gear Solid 3

Hitman 3

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Don't bother with Doom 3. Half Life 2 WILL own Doom 3....

Also get this one:

- Hidden and Dangerous 2

Just for fun and a high replayability and humour factor, try Serious Sam First Encounter and Serious Sam Second Encounter. Awesome games. Also get the godfather aka the original Half Life!

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Well HL2 seems like it could be a very good game indeed.

RvS would be up there if it weren't for the amount of bugs in it still.

COD isn't a bad game either and I'm currently having lot's of fun playing it. Check out the "Call of Duty" thread.

Well I must admit that I don't play GR that much nowdays. I don't think I've even loaded the game up for the last two months. But GR is still by far my most played game ever!! And was certainly well worth the money. Like someone else has said in the past "this game stays new" and boy don't it!

If you are still new to the game you may want to check out some of the mods, there are some mighty good ones!! Just a pity that UBI haven't brought out one last really good quality update for it. Another 12 or so maps would have gone down a treat and many people would have brought it too!!

Enjoy though m8ty!

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  COD isn't a bad game either and I'm currently having lot's of fun playing it.  Check out the "Call of Duty" thread.

COD ROCKS! I've never seen anything quite like it in terms of A.I. interaction and spacial effects. Somehow they managed to create a feel of size, scope, depth, distance, etc., in a way that no other shooter has. It felt short, though ~ maybe because it was so damn cool.

I think I'm going to opt for the PC version of DTR ~ I just saw a bunch of the extra features:

Selectable skill levels provides a uniquely tuned gaming experience for everyone from the first-time action player to the seasoned gaming veteran   


Enhanced Human Shield mode allows for tighter control and faster movement, while added shield victim durability to increases effectiveness   


Improved Camera System Invert camera option allows the player to customize the camera controls   

Enhanced fighting system is faster and more furious, featuring additional attack combos for Jack and unique enemy attacks

Quick Holster feature allows the player to shoot and disarm enemies in stride without stopping the action

Enhanced Auto-Targeting system is smarter, choosing the most appropriate threat

Quick Attack feature gives the player instant access to Shadows devastating attacks

Enhanced toss-n-shoot to allow the player to switch targets while a canister is in flight

New Cheats, tons of cheats and special modes have been made accessible for the first time

Easier Disarms increase access to unlocking DTR's over-the-top disarms sequences

Mini games easier and less repetitive

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