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The most anticipated mods


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Just sucessfully finished the first mission of the awesome "Behind Enemy Lines" Campaign. I was very pleased that the Mod covers the basic story of the so called movie. In Mission 2 i was completly surprised by the hidden tank near the bridge. I almost reached the slope (toward the LZ), when one grenade finally get me, throwing me in the air :rofl:

My thanks to lightspeed for this very entertaining and challenging experience!!!

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I was on a completely different forum for a completely different hobby of mine (airsoft) and someone there happened to mention that Ingleloop was working on a new Russian Army based mod....

Even the mear speculation that this might be true had me dusting off my old [GR] CDs once again!




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That is nice of you to mention that. :) I feel the need to comment.

The problem with Rockall is, only last night a few of us had a run around several maps. 26 trees and bushes are found to be floating in the air, on just 1 map. Gaps in the geometry, issues here and there. This is after playing this mod time and time again. If there is 1 thing I personnally want, it is for Rockall to be as complete as it can possibly be.

However, from all the comments I receive from players, Rockall is a fantastic mod. And as stated, will be complete very soon.

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A few words.............

Hold on to your hats, and pull up your boot strings........you will be suprised by the awesome work Tinker and the rest of 9MS have done with this mod.

Attention to detail and scenarios are awesome!

Thanks Tinker for the Mod!


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With all the recent activity in Ghost Recon modding, there sure is a lot to look forward to. Personally, I most eagerly await the arrival of:

  • Sabotage
    What Prozac is putting together here - a full-blown intricate campaign, all new 3d models, textures, sounds, UI etc., basically a completely reworked and modernized game - promises to become an absolute masterpiece and will no doubt be a major new column of support for the perennial appeal of good old Ghost Recon.

  • Project Novo
    Born from Zeealex' amazing ambition and matching dedication, Project Novo - the Full Ghost Recon Retexturing Project - is another huge milestone in Ghost Recon modding. Alex set out to replace any and all GR textures with new high-resolution surfaces to give the game a complete makeover and bring its visuals to more up-to-date standards.

  • Russian Player Mod
    Turning the table for Ghost Recon players, Chudy Picio is changing sides in the GR war by having you play your original opponents, meaning instead of being the Ghosts, you'll be fighting against them in the shoes of Russian soldiers. A welcome change of perspective and while not an entirely new concept (see here), still something I cannot wait to see realized anew.

  • Danish Special Forces
    Toiling away swiftly, silently, and invisibly, teppe seems to be making progress on his project to bring us a new campaign centered around Denmark's Jægerkorpset. Taking you from locations like Copenhagen to the Afghan Desert, the DSF missions promise a very interesting storyline and are embedded with new maps, weapons, and character skins.

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