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The most anticipated mods

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even though it aint released yet!

How about starting another sticky post then, named "the most anticipated mods", whare the members of the community could post their most anticipated mods (surprise), and what their expectations about them are..both positive and negative (what they are hoping to see, and what they hope not to see...)

Get on it and I'll sticky it for you

Well, here it is then...as an off-shoot of "Recommended mods" thread, here's "The most anticipated mods" thread.

Here are some of my favorites (and I won't be mentioning project(s) I'm involved with);

Canadian Ops 2



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Easy. Recon Snake's Force Recon mod (I'm still holding my breath for this one, starting to turn blue here but will continue waiting patiently) and Monolith's Night of the Living Dead mod. Regarding the latter, anyone heard anything about it's progress? Seems like it's been on again off again for quite some time. Haven't heard anything in a while though.


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Did you play Postcards from Peru yet?

I'm Jack57's official beta-tester! :hehe::starwars:

You sack of....!!!

Guess you'r enjoying yourself now huh?

Canadians OP 2

Operation Stabilise MOD

Starship Troopers (Chems)

Brittish Infantry (Chems)

Suprises from Earl

Suprises from Jack57

And no for my black list... :ph34r:

DYNACOMP = The expectations on this MOD is so hyped up that it very well might be called GR2. I hope this crew keeps it together and finalizes this.

the 22:nd SAS history MOD = Or what it was called. This where in the loop when i registred and now it's dead :blink:

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You sack of....!!!

Guess you'r enjoying yourself now huh?

My comment was just because, since I'm Jack57's official beta-tester, I don't know anything about a new campaign :nono:

So I agree:

Most wanted mods:

- surprise from Jack57

Then I' m really curious to see creatures from:


snared_gambit (Spiteful Reprieve)


I hope they will be the modders of the near future

Did you forget No easy day? :o

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snared_gambit (Spiteful Reprieve)

Cool. I just need to refine the mission and add my new helicopter. Then it's just for some beta testing. If anyone's up for the challenge, I can prob have this mission out by Monday. I also need permission from Neutron to use the dam map. :( Anyone know how to contact him?

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Well...on the top of my wish list has to be Operation Stabilise!

Here's a few more:

Year of the monkey


Starship Troopers and

Stalker V1

And I might add that there is yet another mod that is highly anticipated in this house, my wife is looking forward to having Swebat 2005 released! Not because she's a gamer but because she acctually might get me away from the computer for longer than 5 minutes! :unsure:


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Greetings fellow ghosts!

Good idea with the poll, it will be interesting to see the results.


Canadian Ops2 - Can't wait for this bad boy, the level of professionalism is going to make this outstanding!

Starship Troopers - Awesome concept! Can't wait to save the world from something other than "insert terrorist group here."


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one mod seems to be missing from a lot of these lists...

NO EASY DAY!!!! The new mod from DTD...


Canadian Ops 2.0


Anything new from Swartz

That mod for RvS that Cink and Projectile are doing. Gonna be a corker :thumbsup:

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On the poll there really ought to be an 'Other' vote. Anyone mind if I add that to Poll B?

well Pryo, the plan was that if peole suggest more mods to me, ill open up a pool c or d etc. Ive already been told ive missed a couple, so the list is growing.

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