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Favourite Speciality


Pick the player type you like the best...  

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hmmm Difficult one. :huh:

See the thing is I'm comfortable & enjoy all of them. & depending on what map is chosen & Game type? if it's a built up one with reasonable CQB then I go for Demo, if it's a huge map with cover then I like Rifleman or Sniper. & now I've finally mastered the art of properly useing a support guy I sometimes like to use them as well but I must admit support is my least favorite.

So I guess it's Rifleman & Demo joint first then Sniper following closely behind & then Support 4th.

Soooo I guess I'll go for Demo. (just because it's in alphanumeric order) :thumbsup:

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Sniper i love putting a round in someones head with a M82 barret

here is my order





I like them all each has diffrent capabillites but ill go with Bob and others it depends on what is going on big fight demo or support small fight support rifileman demo barely a fight sniper demo support

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It really depends upon the mission specs, doesn't it?

Playing SP, I spend more time as the sniper in the games where a sniper has the best value.

In open field missions, the sniper can (almost) complete the game alone.

In CQB I prefer rifleman or support, Firepower over accuracy; counts when in a bulding full of tangoes.


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In almost every tournament I have ever played (whch is alot), I have played support. I have a sense of where the enemy is going to pop up. And a huge cone of fire is just the thing for getting your meaning across. Not to mention that in the high ranks, units tend to stay in teams of 2, rather then spread out (no 'nade spamming anyways), and with support weapons you can pin 2 guys at once.

Oh yeah, and I've been known to fancy the demo every now and then.


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Where's my M16A2/M203? It's all I need.

That said, I think the Rifleman Class is the most flexible for the typical encounter. You've got the best of both worlds - accurate semi-long and short range hardware, plus a varied array for Secondary Kits. SD Pistols, nades, launchers, ammo, etc.

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