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Harntrox for President

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I have just had a look at HX5 I am now amazed yet again by the absolutely amazing skill of these men ( man?) in Harntrox and their ability to take this stuff and advance it to another level.

I wish there were some sort of award we could give em, but I dont know what good it would do you guys......

HX 5 has only been out a few days and I saw that there was 13000 d/l's on the site I got it off.

You guys personify the best in online gaming and gamers and we all thank you for giving us hours of gr8 gameplay.



JFSebastian :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Yeah...well done to Harn for managing what sems to be an extensive team of talented contibutors as well as adding everything he knows himself, this really is a fresh perspective on GR and should keep everyone ticking over until we get concrete news on GR2.

Somone burn a copy of this and send it to RSE and UBI. Tell em to get the finger out. If this community can knock this out for nowt - what the hell are those salaried devs up to at the mo?? Forget Playboy and whatever other pap you have on the schedule. There's important work to be getting on with.


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