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Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, today announced the signing of an exclusive European publishing and distribution contract with North American video game publisher ARUSH Entertainment. This agreement covers the groundbreaking Playboy-branded video game Playboy: The Mansion™, which will be playable on PC and two major console systems. The game is slated for an Autumn 2004 European release.


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So now UBI is gonna be a smut peddler eh? Why dont they worry about making GR2 before they deciede to cause controversy. :P

Hey cool! I'll be the first to buy it. Not like I'm a perv or anything....

Me neither.

I'm gonna buy it strictly for the story. I like to read the stories.


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There was a brief article on the game in a PC Gamer a little while back reviewing the top 20 games of E3.

It's described as "a Sims clone in which, as Playboy magazine mogul Hugh Hefner, you build up the world-famous Playboy Mansion and publishing company, and control all manner of gorgeous babes, Hollywood superstars, and glitterati."

Release date says late 2k4, and it sounds "interesting" to say the least...

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