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Calling all Aussies!


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Bought a cookbook yesterday: Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. Very, very, good. (It's a spin-off from the Discworld series [Terry Pratchett])
You really like Terry Pratchett don't you?

Its gunna be nice to have uni over and done with for a while.
This semester is almost over. Then I have Christmas break. :santa: Then I have three more semesters to go and I'm done forever. :rocky: Then I have to get a job. :'(

Ive got a lot of drinking and live music lined up for the summer, and i dont need any of this 'higher learning' crap getting in my way!!
Since when has it gotten in the way?

I'm not a party/club person.
Me neither.

I'd rather sit at home with a book or good movie.
I'd rather do most things than go to a party or club. Loud music and drunk people. Oh boy, what fun. :rolleyes:
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