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Calling all Aussies!


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well, managed to ###### up my car today.

Put in up the ###### of some Hyundai Getzzz or something.

100% driver error on my part, he was stopped (turning right) and i didnt stop quick enough.

Slammed on breaks, wet road, locked up the brakes, then turned while breaking (m4d dr1v1ng ski||z) and slid into his bumper.


My car: Front bumper, bonnet, front quater panels drivers door, radiator, headlights, maybe some other bits and bobs in the engine, i dunno yet.

Other car: Looked like just his rear bumper had buckled, lucky.

No injuries to anyone (i had 2 passengers). He drove away, i had to be towed due to the radiotor.

Now i have to wait for insurance to do there thing. Either they write it off (probably not) and i get a nice big cheque to some over-insurance, plus a nice high insurance premium, or they repair it, i pay my $950 excess, plus higher premiums, and maybe a higher excess next time.

Arent cars fun?

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reported it to the police today, had to write out a nice big report.

Didnt feel it was the right time for the old "Sex: M/F: yes please!"

Oh, and the excess is actually $1050, i was reading an old policy. yay.

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Where too? Work, uni, friends places, shops. All round the place.

Nothing much is within walking distance of my house (well, stuff that interests me) and the Public Transport system here is crap.

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the Public Transport system here is crap.
I can vouch for this.

Sydney has the best public transportation in Australia, then Melbourne, then Adelaide, then (sadly) Perth. But it's not like Perth has very strong competition for fourth place.

Edit: Good luck Slink.

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As per Slink's request, I'm posting here to say where I've been.

At home.

I used to have 20 hours a month of internet access. (It was 10 hours each with two different companies. One is free, as long as you don't go over the 10 hour limit. One had a one time fee, as long as you don't go over the 10 hour limit.) I'm cheap.

The one with a one time fee has gone out of business. So, I'm down to 10 hours a month.

In July I used up all my hours at the beginning of the month before I found out. Then in August I just had other things I had to do and that used up all my time. So, I haven't been able to get on here until the beginning of this week when the semester started.

So now I'm back to killing hour after hour online here at the college.

As for what I've been doing at home instead of talking to you people: I've been reading.

I've got a box of books that were my dad's. He decided to sell a bunch of his stuff to a used book store. But before he sold them I got to go through and pull anything that I wanted to read.

So far two are crap and will be sold after all.

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Ah. What are the books?

Glad you're back though.

I MADE IT. I should get my license before February when I leave for uni....

Dan: the.ronin PM you? He was asking me about the ripples in the sig you made. (I told him I haven't the foggiest and to ask you....)

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A Coming of Age sucks. As does Use Of Weapons. Both are science fiction.

After reading A Coming of Age I was had my doubts about other books by Timothy Zahn. But at least 2 books of the The Cobra Trilogy are good. I haven't read the third book in the series, Cobra Bargain.

The other good books I've read lately are westerns. A couple by Louis L'Amour and one by some guy I'd never heard of and can't remember the name of right now.

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I like some of Zahn's stuff. I couldn't get into others.

Win some you lose some.

Busy reading From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne ATM.

Where I'm going next year: www.ru.ac.za

Spearhead: No. It doesn't worry me, but I do hope the English win. (Something else to rub Dan's face in....:devil:)

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