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Calling all Aussies!


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here is our Melbourne Gallery

Like most tourist, we were surprised on the Asian presence in the city of Melbourne.

Even though I know Oz is an Asian Country.

It's not all Paul Hogan and Olivia Newton John.

Which was excellent for us...it was easy to find Asian Food. We followed Tony Bourdain's advice and ask College students where they eat. And soon enough, we found a dive where food is DELICIOUS!!!! and cheap.

I don't recommend this if you want the full Aussie experience. If you want that experience try the Aussie Burger (comes with egg, pineapple, mango, beet, THICK slice tomato, cole slaw) on a thick healthy bread...worth AUS $9 :thumbsup:

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Alice Springs Gallery

This is where we stayed for our Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park visit. I say 2nd best spot to visit for me and wife. Cairns/ Great Barrier Reef is first for me.

To visit compares to seeing the Grand Canyon to me IMHO. It gives you a certain perspective on where you fit in the universe. Most tourist complaints about, being on a holiday, why should we wake up 4:45 A.M. to see these rocks.

The minute you get a base color of Uluru, you get a sensation that you're about to witness that no where else can be it experienced.

I set my mini-tripod and took pics every 5 minutes. Minute by minute you do not see with the naked eye the change, but once the full sun comes out, then you'll you see. After reviewing our pics, you can see the changes in color.

To stand next to it, humbles you.

We had two morning breakfast, and two sunset dinners with various tourist and that was a great learning experience itself.

The Camel Ride was fun too. Highly recommend that experience since you get to see the Sunrise on a higher POV.

I'm uploading to YouTube a Coriolis Effect in Australia. After watching this, compare your water sink rotation.

Not toilet water, use a sink.

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one of the most cleanest cities we've visited.

maybe encountered two rude teenagers, other than that, everyone was so nice and pleasant. even those unlikely characters (big thug-looking guys and old grumpy grandmas :rofl: ) we're very helpful.

my favorite phrase now: "no worries" :yes:

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