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I have 4.2 myself.

Ok I see your problem. First of all 3dsmax is kind of tricky and tries as hard as it can to raise your blood pressure. :wall:

When it is suppose to do something sometimes you have to coax it a little and do a function more than once to get it to work.

And in your case it is no exception. When you first apply the the uvw map modifier it is important that as you apply the material to the selection and select the uvw modifier you see a picture of your texture file on the object in question.

From what I see on your picture It looks like that you were able to do just that on the cylinders and yes it does look distorted. But you are not finished with the uvw map. You went to the unwrap uvw modifier too soon!

Go back to the uvw map modifier and fix the image so that you can see perfect little pictures of your texture on the object. If it looks all distorted (as I can see from the picture) then it wont work when you go to unwrap uvw. How do you get it to look good? Well assuming you picked the planar check box...go lower in the menu and find the x,y,z axis. Click on each one till you see your texture on the cylinder without distortion. It will look like a wallpaper pattern but that is ok. Keep clicking on the x, y or z axis till you can see little pictures of your texture clearly on the object. If planar doesnt work then try cylinder. And then fool around with the x,y,z axis on that.

In fact, cylinder might be better for you anyway for the object in question. But use either that or planar to get it to look right.

If that doesnt work then switch back to planar and try again with the axis. Finally you will be able to see your texture pattern clearly and your free to go to the unwrap uvw modifier to straighten the texture on the object.

Why doesn't it work on the first time? I don't know. LOL Its like you have to kick the program to coax it to do what is is supposed to do.

I hope this helps and keep at it till it works.

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