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Jester's parting shot and notes to him....


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Since I can, I'll lay claim to my original member number of '3' (on this generation of the forums -- I've been here for them all and actually did huge chunks of the initial setup for the last couple up for Rocky).

A couple folks have gotten emails from me tonight. If you didn't and feel like I should have said goodbye to you that way -- I apologize. Nobody was intentionally left out. While there are only a few of you left here, I just didn't have the time. Really quickly off the top of my head and in no particular order, these are some folks that I think make the grade:




Shadow Recon


Xian Saint (whose delusions are unmatched)




Mark Van Dammes


special category:

Poin™an - even if you don't know him, you all owe him big-time

Rodion's piles, for providing years of laughter

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Many of you were interested in what happened to Jester and asked about him in this thread. Recently he made a reappearance in the forums, but real life has taken him way from here once again. You can read his parting shot here.

Out of respect to him of asking for that thread to be locked, I will not open it, but have instead, started this thread where you may send him any parting words, well wishes, thanks, etc.

My thoughts will follow in a separate post.

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I said my goodbye in an e-mail, but for anyone new"ish" to GR.net, here's a brief summary of Jester's involvement over the past few years.

Jester was working on GR.net with me since before the site even went live.

Prior to that he was turning out high quality Rainbow Six series mods, some were groundbreaking.

Since those early days he has either been producing content, or more providing me with much need moral boosters and pep talks.

He isn't just leaving GR.net and AGR-S.com, he is leaving the WWW, and that takes some doing. He deserves respect for getting his priorities straight.

The community is losing a skilled modder, and loyal Red Storm gamer and I am losing a friend.

Be Safe Jester, best of luck to you.

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Jes, I have always liked the mods you did. Silicon & Blood was probably the wildest one you ever did, Halls is a treat and I still love to put it out (when I can that is) and do the side by side start. It freaks people out. LOL. You always did have some excellent work. Thanks for letting me be in on the testing. Be safe and be true to yourself in all that you do. If your are ever back down this way, drop on by, I know you know how to find me. :thumbsup:

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I'll have to admit, the few times Jester played with us (be it a Rainbow Six game or Ghost Recon) were some of the best gaming sessions I had. I always loved your comments, dude. (Even those I missed and heard about through Rocky, like the whole AGR-S.com banner mix-up thing.)

Sorry to hear that you're leaving. Good luck in your future, mate, whatever it is.


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