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We have just released Jungle Stealth Recon. It is the IT version of Stealth Recon. It has all 12 of the specailists from Stealth recon in Jungle Stealthflage. There is a c_unlockedhero.xml file in the mod folder which you will need to put in your GR directory in order for all 12 of the specialists to work. You can grab it here:- Jungle Stealth Recon webpage

Also on the modding front, we have released Stealth Recon [Part 2] - Stealthflage Terrorists. This mod features, yes you guessed it, terrorists in Stealthflage. You can grab it here:- Stealth Recon [Part 2] webpage


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Actually, I've nearly finished Jungle Stealth Recon [Part 2] - Jungle Stealthflage terrorists. That should be released in the next few days. In fact, I could probably get it released tonight. :lol:

Also I'm working on mutliplayer versions of both Stealth Recon and Jungle Stealth Recon which will feature the 12 specialists in multiplayerand the standard soldiers will get Stealthflage. :o=

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Oh how I hate 56k modems! :wall:

That's why the mods are in "parts". If I had released Stealth Recon with Stealthflage terrorists, the mod would have been around 20 MB, and that would have taken ages to download on a 56k modem.

I know how u 56k 'ers feel, I'm on 56k too.

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pfft.. 44kbs 56kbs thats fast! I average 26-33 kbs so quitchyerbitchin' i'm the most screwed over you can get besides not having internet :( so BAH!

<blocks ears><lalaaalalaalaalaa>

Anyway. I wish more modders would do this.

It makes more sense in the long run to allow more people to d/l your mod.

Also it would lower compatibility issues on servers...

Thanx Nightmare

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HI NIGHT MARE! Hope this Year brings JOY and lots o goods things to u and all ur friends and family!! With this i JUst want to know if in ur" M.P.STEALTH Mod."Just if its "POSSIBLE"add some "Branches" into the "CAMO of the SNIPER"WE really like your CAMOS,They BLEND CORRECTLY into the Maps,I read in the other forumm before the "EVENT"that u were working in something, a "BUSHMAN"?!!We will wait,no rush,if u doit COOL MAN!!!if u don't COOL BRO!!this CAMOS ARE THE FIRST GENERATION IN STEALTH,Thanks to you and all the ppl.that was involved in the Project. KEEP IT UP!!




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Skins look nice, however they blend only certain somekind of terrain better than to other green terrains. But if the terrain is just right, one can blend in extremely well.

When creating this kind of camos, keep in mind, the more you camouflage yourself, the better. Usually ANY visible skin should be covered : Arms, Palms, Neck, Tip of ears, tip of nose, neck....fingers. usually easier to use camo stripe gloves.

Overall skins looks good and blend better than the original skins.

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