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British Infantry Mod


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Played the mod last night, it truly is a total conversion, I couldnt see anything on my team that was not new. Even the new AT4 model. I really enjoyed playing it and Nexus has started work on his mission. Oh yeah gotta look foward to that mission as something cropped up on the map :wacko:



I hear the bells,

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Nice church, only one thing is 'wrong' :

the windows.

They're only bright from the inside, not the outside (light goes into church not out, right ?).

I had the same thing and didn't notice it, but someone else did !

Keep it up, looks like a nice map !

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I hate you Chems.

I hate living far from anyone with DSL or ISDN.

I hate brilliant looking mods that I haven't a prayer of getting.

I hate Hamlet. Worst story I've read in a long time. And I don't have a choice.

Spammer <_<

No, he's just letting out his rage. Poor Slink doesn't have a DSL, and all the great mods these days are huge. It's ok Slink, just calm down. Regarding hamlet, you could just not read it. We read the Giver in my english class, and I didn't read a page of it. Still passed everything given on it. Maybe it's harder to :bs: your way through shakespear though .. . :wacko:

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Dunno can boats sink??? hmm intresting. I suppose that if you were to do a damage animation then yes you could fake it. But im not going to, there on your side so they wont be getting shoot at just used for insertion extraction. Off to texture now.

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lol no thats just a max colour. This is mostly textured. I want to spend some time doing more detail on the engine parts and the steering column and the fuel bits and fire thingy. Basically the detail parts tommorow. What ya think, quite impressed with my own custom texture.





Real thing:


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ty stewy. Ya know, I am a bad boy cause I had a vcl in production for Op stab too. If they ever do a add on I will make sure they get it. Just needed some aus cam but it slipped my mind I had it.



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