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A server admin can adjust the kits to various configurations. The no restrictions setting has the largest number. It pairs every primary weapon with every secondary. If you prefer, there is a "balanced kit" option that reduces the number of available kits significantly. The kits available using this setting were well planned out, pairing appropriate weapons and balancing the primary weapon with the secondary weapon. For instance, the sniper rifles with the least zoom are paired with an SMG, but the others are not.

In addition, you'll find other kit restriction settings:

  • no projectile explosives = no nade launchers or rockets
  • no sensors
  • shotguns only
  • pistols only = FL-AVA pistols
  • support weapons only
  • originals only = removes FL-AVA weapons entirely
  • and some others

That last mission was hard to balance. I didn't want it to be impossible to assassinate Ghadafi but at the same time I tried to force the player to be stealthy. Maybe it's easy for you because you're a sneaky sort of player. :P

Must have missed that spontaneous appearance when I was doing the extensive editing to remove the crash bug from EVERY SINGLE MISSION. I'll remember that if we do an add-on for FL-AVA (which at least one of us is considering at the moment).

Otherwise I enjoyed all of it.  -Wolfsong

Coming from you Wolfsong, one of the pioneers of GR mission scripting, this means ALOT! Thanks.

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Well heck, this is one of the best durn mods on the market in my opinion, and I reckon it is out there for all to use now with the patch update, new gametypes and missions.

I want to congratulate Apollo and all the AV squad for letting the public have accesss to this #1 best addition to GR

I totally agree...great mod guys, thanks for all the hard work you put in to make it playable with IT...tons of fun!!! :D

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Hi all... I don't know if anyone has tried to use the Remote C4 but it has it's applications :devil: Tends to work quite well as a base defense mechanism when there is a sensor in the area... take a look at the demise of these AI characters in a Defense co-op.


This was truly hilarious to watch. :hehe: The C4 was placed at roughly the far left character's position.


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We're having a problem finishing the last mission in CO-OP mode.

We can kill Ghadafi quite easily with only one shot being fired in the game but we cannot find the extraction area. We've searched the map and waited at various points such as the insertion aream but without any success.

Can anyone tell us how to complete this mission / find the extraction zone?



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We waited at the yellow triangle marked "Road to Baghdad" for a while but nothing happened. We couldn't see any area marked in green for the extraction zone at any time during the mission.

Will check again tonight.



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Sorted - I had a quick look in my lunch break and there was the extraction point. I don't know how we couldn't see it last night, we spent ages trying to find it.

That was a really good set of missions, very enjoyable, although the last mission seems very weak in comparison to the others in that I only have to move to the edge of the village, wait for Ghadafi to come out of his door, take him out with one shot and then walk to the extraction point.

Thanks again for the work put into the mission pack - most enjoyable.



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