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I'm so close I can taste it. Works perfectly for the first team that gets in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all for the second team. I haven't tested a 3 or 4 team scenario yet since I can't get the 2 teams working.

It's getting closer. Another missed deadline

:( . Let's say the new target release date is Sunday. I know, I know...this sucks.

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It's getting closer. Another missed deadline

. Let's say the new target release date is Sunday. I know, I know...this sucks.

Hey no sweat Apollo, better to do it right the first time than have to come back and fix it again. OMG...I sound like my dad :o

I know I speak for all when I say thank you for all the time and effort you put in, we all appreciate it very, very much :D

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Status List:

  • Adjusted combat model making it 100% less likely to kill with a shot to the lower arm or lower leg. DONE
  • Added one complete never released BONUS mission. You are the bomb disposal unit on the Docks at night. DONE
  • SuperGrid command map overlays DONE
  • Moved enemy spawn positions to reduce chance of spontaneous generation in view of the player. DONE
  • Changed objective in mission 7 so that killing prisoners doesn't cause mission failure. DONE
  • Reset default uniform for woodland maps back to originals. DONE
  • Changed default uniforms for jungle maps to the AV Tigerstripe. DONE
  • Removed binoc kits that showed in single player. DONE
  • Scripting bugs from the Ghost Recon patch. DONE
  • Kit restriction added to allow equiping any primary with any secondary. This will become the "no restrictions" setting. The old "no restrictions" setting is renamed "balanced kits". DONE
  • Kit restriction added to allow only hand thrown grenades. This will be named "No Projectile Explosives". DONE
  • NEW multiplayer gametype loosely based on Behemoth solo gametype. Control minor bases for weapon upgrades. Control main (central) base for team scoring.DONE

So it's almost ready...just need to package it up in a self-installer and distribute it!

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By the way, don't forget to thank Sentinel, my partner in crime, for the lovely weapons. He did a spectacular job and seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition. :(

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, everyone. :wub: I hope you enjoy the new gametype, the bonus mission, etc.

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I think my old account was removed for inactivity or something ;) ... Anyway, thanks Apollo for remembering little me.

I hope all of you enjoy playing the mod. I realize that right now when you play multiplayer you don't have much choice of mods since most servers are running one mod in particular. Give FL-AVA a whirl, I like to think of the gameplay(weapons, ballistics) as fun but still a touch of realism in there. I'm sure the new gametype that Apollo developed will be Xtreme fun for you all as well.



American Vengeance Squad


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Fileplanet is not listing any free public serviers for this dl (haven't tried others). What's up with that?

Yes it is, I just got offered 2 public servers with no waiting.

I have read in here that people sometimes get exactly what you reported, but if they refresh, or try again in 2 or 3 minutes the public mirror appears.

You can guess what conspiracy theorists are making of that.

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For some reason, some soundeffects (ingame speech and such) are about a thousand times stronger than the original ones.

This can get a bit irritating when i can't actually hear gunsounds because of the chanting villagers on the first map..

Can anything be done about this?

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I downloaded the mod yesterday and played first 3 missions...all I can say is GREAT JOB! Mission scripting is superb, the idea of putting in an air support is just mind blowing...nice weapons, great new sounds and sound effects, no bugs noted so far...in short, when compared with official expansions (DS and IT), this mod, IMHO, is every bit as good as the "real thing".

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Well heck, this is one of the best durn mods on the market in my opinion, and I reckon it is out there for all to use now with the patch update, new gametypes and missions.

I want to congratulate Apollo and all the AV squad for letting the public have accesss to this #1 best addition to GR

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I played through this mod at the LAN last night. Good job. A little to many kits for my taste. I don't like to have more then about 20-30 / class otherwise it just gets silly. But anyhow it was ok.

A little miss in the script on the last mission, 8 I thin it is right. After I assassinated the guy I walked out into the field right east of the house. And there 3 guys appeared right infront of my, just a few meters in teh middle of the open area. Might want to set some zone to check if a player is there to prvent that. And in general that mission was a little to easy. Otherwise I enjoyed all of it.

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