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Percent that GR2 will ever happen


What do you think the chances are GR2 will ever happen?  

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why so confident? do you know something we don't? :ph34r:

GR sold way to many copies and won way to many prizes not to have a another one. Plus remember how one of the devs said he was working on it on his site...? Before he removed it that is... :ph34r:

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30%.........I'll believe it when we I see it. What sucks is........GR is the most realistic (as games go), one of the few that allows true CO-OP play, and the most replayable game there is. I play many games.......for a few months, but I always got time to run a mission or two with mah cronies. Even if it's just a couple of Harntrox 85's in the Killhouse. It has not become clear to the world yet.....that any Jackass can make a Quake3, Unreal3, MOHAA, Battlefield 1942.............. and the list goes on and on and on and on. They are all exactly the the same F'in POS with a different wrapper. Thier only vision of multi-play is thirty 12 year-olds with script cheats on some random server in the world. There are plenty of newer games out.......better graphics, more support, easier to MOD/Make maps. Ya know what....my crew and I still play GR for those reasons I mentioned above. Believe me when I say we have looked long and hard for a newer game with the same/similiar traits as GR..............there are none as of yet!

There is no game like GR out there that caters to the small group of 6-8 that like to play amongst themselves. If you want a multiplayer game........you HAVE to join a public server with 22-24 jerkoffs with no sense of fun, except when they cheat and talk smak.

Maybe I am old and jaded, I dunno yet.

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I forget when and who, but i was informed that they were making one, under the same companies that produced the first, but droped the project due to lack of demand and funding (apparently it was going to a game called XIII, witch i heard was also pretty good)

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100% here :D

Why so confident?

1) If there isn't a GR2 I'm gonna Cry, Sell my computer & be really cross :wall: so I'm in denial.

2) GR is the best game on the market for me & nothing else comes close & Da-Rat it right there is no other thats simular. so it has it's own niche. (Something that developers are desperate to find & hang onto)

3) This game has sold well & there is a huge community waiting for GR2 with wallets @ the ready.

4) There's been plenty of time to state that there not makeing one & if there not!!! the longer they leave the announcement the more annoyed there customers are gonna be :angry:

5) other things like Anual report & CV info are good evidence

Although I'm impaciant & "WANT IT NOW" I Just hope they don't rush it. but take time & do it right. keep the old formula & just improve the weak points & don't make it more appealing for the quake/doom/MOH market. GR is unique I hope they keep it that way. :thumbsup:

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because it was PC gamer's game of the year and a major cross-platform seller, a sequel is a no-brainer. My bet is it will be announced in the next 3-6 months and released 3-6 months after, so we're waiting a year at most. Could be another expansion between now and then if RSE have learned anything from the mod community. As for the name, I don't expect to see a number. It will beGhost Recon: Something or Other.

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would you rather this be like hl2 and still waiting, or they anounce it and boom there it is.

p.s. as for those links mentioned up in the first few posts.

where are they.

95% its just a matter of time

tweak the engine give it a few new goddies to awe at and slam our money on the table :D

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Guest SI-Prozac


Top rated game

Big seller

and do to the amount of the unknown about what theyr doing im gunna assume it will be really good

Oh man i looked over the XIII website.... and all i can say is :blink:

I looked at the equipment page and seen SMG so i pulled it up expecting to see a Mp5....

IT WAS A FRICKEN M60!!!!!!!!!!

the knife looked like it had no handle and the Minigun was actually an Uzi...

i lil upset... i downloading demo now 2 see if this gayness is for real

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81-90% cos i think it's probably going to happen but you can never be sure

I stil say its no more that 50, untill something is "leaked" out by UBI or someone else

1. There was something in a PC game mag a while ago saying that it was planned.

2. Wasn't there something in one of UBI/RSE's (can't remember which) finantial plan that said it was listed a future projects.

3. And then there was that artise that worked for RSE that said in his website he was woking on it and after we all went and took a look he changed it to say "you all know what i'm working on ;) "

who, that my longest non cut and pasted post in ages :huh:

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I've just done a lil investigation & just to confirm what supasniper said

1. that report was in a computer Mag called "Computer Games" & was published in november 2002 & ubi confirmed that GR2 was in the concept stage. Unfortunately I couldn't find the article/interview/report but I found many references to it.

2. UBI's 2002/2003 report mention GR2 in a list with a few other titles like : Splinter Cell : shadowStrike.

3. Yeah I remember that artist thing. lmao very funny & true :)

As Ive been looking around I've read some more of there finacial reports & was pleased to see that GR was a real success for them right up with spinter Cell so this makes me think they'd be stupid not to develop a GR2. Theres a masive audience with wallets @ the ready. :thumbsup:

Also I think there are people out there that know more than there letting on. :ph34r: While I was sifting through a plethora of articles I noticed a lot of "place holder" documents amongst online retailers with dummy documments for GR2 but with no details. This in itself means nothing, but because there were so many of them it makes me think that theres a belief amongst the suppliers that it's in the pipeline.

There is one thing that does worry me. Since the finacial report there has been no mention or hint of GR2 :wall: even though all the other titles in that same list have long been confiremed.

at the end of it all though I'm still confused but my gut feeling is there will be a GR2 :yes:

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