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Advanced Training Map

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Advanced Training Map

A Mission Mod by - Dan

Reviewed by SOTOMac

Modder's Website - ( Lost in the Hack - To be Posted )

Download: HERE

File Size : 1.65 MB

Type : "GR" and "DS" SP / MP Mission.

I've DL'ed the "Advanced Training Map" for 'GR' & 'DS' and Installed It. Here is My Review of this Mission and It's features.

Originality - 8 out of 10

This Mission is a delight to finally have Installed. All Games that are Modded should have such a Mission included in them. The ability to go into a

Mission and test Weapons , Unis, and Tactics all without the Presence of the Enemy is - INVALUABLE. It allows the Person new to the Title to actually hone their skills and build confidence with the Operative controls and kits long before actually goin into the field. Additionally - This Mission allows the TACSIM'er to test Mods they've downloaded, before actually using them in the field. It also at the same time allows a Mod Maker to Tweak and Test a Mod before It's final release. Again - INVALUABLE.

Now alot of People will probably say - " How come this Mission gets an 8 out of 10 for Originality ? ". The answer to that is simple. Until now - No one has thought of doing this. To Me - That is THE Prime requisite in Originality, and so therefore It gets an 8 out of 10 from Me.

Sounds - 10 out of 10

The Ranges and all Areas sound as they should. Echoes reverberate off the Walls as You send Rounds downrange, and It is a real Pleasure to have free reign on this Mission without the Drill Instructor Prompting You every time You enter an area.

Textures - 10 out of 10

The Textures are essentially the same as in the Original Mission but there are no flaws and so a 10 out of 10 is warranted.

Trigger Zones - 10 out of 10

All Trigger Zones act as they should and All RangeTargets return to Position as long as You follow the procedure for returning them to that Position.

Features - 10 out of 10

This Mission is simply Flawless. As said already - It allows the TACSIM'er to Rove around the Ranges and Areas with Impunity. Its a Nice touch as well to have the Halls as well as some Doors being Patrolled and Guarded by MPs as You move around the Training Map. This has the effect of creating a very Immersive experience while You are in the Mission.

Overall Impression

Well Its pretty Obvious that I really loved this Mission. As a Modder Myself - I'm just drooling to use this tool for Mods that I and My Team will put out as time goes by. I call It a Tool for Obvious reasons and reasons for which I've already explained. Use It - You will not regret It. This being said - I recommend that All Mod Makers and Players pick up this Mission, and use it for the above stated reasons.

Items of Note

The ClickTeam Installer that the Advanced Training Map Mod comes in is 1.65 MB in size. The actual size of the Extacted Mission file is only 97.9 KB. On reflection - It would have been an easier DL for 56K'ers if this Mission had been placed into a Zip File. This is not really an Issue and just an Item of Note. Addionally ( Due to the Posts I'd seen by Whiteknight in regards to having this Mission show up as one You can access through Quick Missions ), I had to Install the Mod to a Temp. Folder, and then Copy and Paste It over to the - " Ghost Recon\Mods\Orig Mission\Mission " Folder in order to get it to show up as a Mission I could select. I then Uninstalled the Mod as I had Installed It originally, using Add/Remove Programs through the Control Panel Applet.

Overal Score

This Mod garnered a Points Total of 48 out of 50, which translates to a 96% Approval Rating from this Reviewer. Thanks go out to Dan for doing the Work, and getting this Mission out to the Community. Bravo Dan...


Edited by Rocky
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AFAIK - This Mission is available in Firefight Mode. I may be wrong but try it in this Mode and Post back here please.

Additionally - You may need to Disable all Mods / Shut Down "GR" / Restart "GR" / And then Enable the Mod again to have it show up as a selectable Mission.

In any case - IT IS AVAILABLE - So just check the Different Modes for SP by scrolling through the available Missions in each Mode...



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OK - Here is what I found about this Mod and It's Installer. The Issues I found are what is more than likely causing the trouble with the Linked .exe - That WAS Posted at the Top of this Review.

I will detail what I found as being the Issues why some People are having trouble Installing this Mod with the Installer - "As it is".

1. When Installing this Mod, The Install directs itself to the Default Directory for "GR" just like RSE and UbiSoft do - Unless directed elsewhere by the User during the Install Process.

2. This Mod is Installed with a ".mis" File inside of a "mission" Folder inside of Your "Ghost Recon\Mods" Folder ( That is - If You have Your Installation of "GR" in the Default Location on Your HD ). The Folder Installed should have been called "ATM", and Inside of that should have been a Folder called - "Mission". The ".mis" File from the Original Install - Should then have been placed inside of that "Mission" Folder.

3. On Install - This Mod is Installed with It's "modscont.txt" File OUTSIDE of a "mission" Folder. This in Itself prevents "GR" from seeing this Mod as a viable Mod as it is not in the Folder for that specific Mod that You wish to Load. This "modscont.txt" File should have been placed into the "Ghost Recon\Mods\ATM" Folder so that "GR" would then be able to Load it as a Selectable Mission.

4. The Uninstall.exe was left outside of the Mod's Folder as well, and should have been "Dragged'N'Dropped" ( In other than Obvious Ways to preserve Uninstall Strings ) into the "Ghost Recon\ATM" Folder.

With all of these Issues with the Installer as its posted - Its a wonder that anybody AT ALL has gotten it to work except for Modders ( LOL - No offence to the Creator ;) ). I have therefore taken the Liberety and Corrected these Issues, making a "FLUSH" Installer ( .exe ) that - If Directed by the User to the "Ghost Recon\Mods" Folder - Will Install a Folder called ;


In this Folder will be another Folder called ;

"Mission" - As well as a File called "modscont.txt" and the "Uninstall.exe" for this Mod.

Inside of this "Mission" Folder will be a File called ;


The above Fixes will Enable ALL Users who Re-DL and Install the "Refreshed" Mod Linked at the Top of this Review - To have Full Access to the "Advanced Training Map" Mod when in a "Mission" Mode in "GR" - And with ANY other Mod Enabled as well.

Please accept My apologies for not checking this Installer "As it WAS" Posted and Linked at "GR.net" previously. I hope all concerned feel that these Issues have, Now at Least - Been Rectified...



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I began trying it the other day and I really like it.

It's a much better way to get a feel for the weapon characteristics than in the heat of battle. It's good for sharpening the speed and accuracy of your aim too.

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Sounds interesting. Training without enemies is one of the reasons I put the "Free Run" game types in Heroes Unleashed. This way you can actually get to know the all the maps without the pressure of combat.

The download for "Advanced Training Map" at FileFront is an .exe = Win only and I don't have a Windows installation handy. Anyone got a Mac-friendly .zip of the files to upload somewhere? Thanks in advance.

PS: This mod appears to be missing from the GR.net download section, btw.

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I am new to this game and forum.

I have been reading most of this forum.

When I see a post that you brought up, it is usually interesting and educational.

So, I am glad that you have been "digging" old threads up.........;)

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