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Guest SI-Prozac

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Guest SI-Prozac

Weapons Of War 3

Yes its still going on. I would of posted in the old thread but couldnt find it.

Never really explained what all will be featured in this so here it is, what i am planning on doing. ( most of its done ).

-60+ New guns- This includes silnced varients and the newer version of the original GR guns (i.e. M16 or M249).

-New Night Vision Effects- A nice new HoneyComb looking night vision effect.

-New Binocular Effects- The binoculars will now look like they have dirt and dust inside the lenses. (When in night vision or scoped views viewable sight area has been decreased slightly.

-New Blood Effects- My very own creation (pictured bellow)

-New Sun Effect- Sun is now brighter

-New Skins- This includes all GR DS and IT Multiplayer team characters (red,green,blue,yellow)

-New Splash Screens- Interface screens or other wise known as main menu screens, they have all been redone.

-Background Music- Most of the main music in gr will be replaced with pantera. :punk:

-Stationary Minigun- Will have its action in 2 defend missions. Due to lagg issues they will not be in a multiplayer coop mission.

-New Kit Restrictions- Will be a few new kit restrictions. All new guns will be in their own restriction not to be mixed with original GR guns.

-New Muzzle Flash Effects- The muzzle flash will be changed as seen in the pic below.


Total file size when done should not excede more then 35mb.

EST Time left to completion is mid november give or take a month (life gets in the way sometimes)

Will require GR 1.4, DS, IT.

Thanks to every one who is supporting me or givin me input/ideas on how to make this mod better.

Heres few example pics below of the Muzzle flash, blood effects (hope its not to bloody :) ) and, some snipers.




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Guest SI-Prozac

you will find the original in orgimiss/textures/ and you will need these 3 effects.




There are some others for like the blood pool but thoes are the ones I used...

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Guest SI-Prozac

This is mostly new material since early july. Onlything in this mod that is in px will be some sounds And .GUN files .... but for most part this is brand new stuff

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wasn't the stuff suppose for project X?

project x

lol :rofl:

that thing never got off the ground its like months over due

and i wonder what other mods will be in it?

the best weapons in that mod are prozacs cause he actually spent the time making them.

thanx for the beta prozac i was right :thumbsup:

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Guest SI-Prozac

For PX im pretty sure it is all original material. but im not in control of everything. I dunno why its takeing so long to release you would have to ask some one else that.

Im considering this mod about 70% done.... and another month or a little bit more.....

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Guest SI-Prozac

thanks to dvs 1... Bright orange/red tracers will be added now

and new brass ejection models (shells that fly out of the gun)

but the shells are really hard to pic out even thoe their actualy size.

and not coke cans flying out.

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Guest SI-Prozac

need some guns for support.... realised how short that list is.

i got:






Aug H-BAr

L85a1 H-Bar

not a big support fan... toss me some names to work with... none of that M4 with Cmags garbage... only reason i have mg36 is cause it is factory made with cmags but thats it...

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