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This is something I wrote the other night. I'd like some feedback on it. :) I know it may be a touchy subject, but it helped me get soem thoughts out.


One AM, as I sit here and write.

I think of Our Soldiers,

Who will make that long flight.

They joined with a dream in their heart,

Not knowing,

That war could tear them apart.

The camp was demanding,

But they walked out,

With their heads held high.

Time for that first deployment,

Their families and friends wept,

Hoping no yellow letter would be sent.

Now it is September, On a day.

Our Soldiers remember,

Why they wear that beret.

George says he can hear us,

And soon,

The rest of the world will hear us.

But little does he know,

Of the punch

The Reaper is about to throw.

Our Soldiers say good-bye,

Not knowing,

That some may die.

Their families weep,

Their friends cry,

But terror is off the street.

Now, it is not the same,

Our Soldiers know,

Why they Came.

Yank fear by the root,

And blow it sky-high,

As it did to us in Beirut.

Kofi wants the toys,

That Saddam has.

So he takes our boys!

Now Our Soldiers will go.

They will land in Iraq,

And wait for ‘Mission Go’.

They’ll take that long flight,

To fight the best fight.

To die the death,

As told by Reaper’s breath.

One AM, as I sit here and write.

I think of Our Soldiers,

Who will make that long flight.

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I'm sure there's a lot here that would enjoy them.

Hehe... I'd proably get busted by our service people for being inaccurate and false. :):lol: JK.

I might... but I have to write up something good first. :blink:

I've got oodles of essays, but I don't think anyone would want to read over all of them (5 printed pages each... on average).

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