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I wanted to put my tracks on my "MP3 Player" but I didn't know where to put them on there.... What I want is, you click a button or something on there and it starts playing one of my tracks. I need a button for each of my tracks, I don't have just three tracks, I have more than that. I also wanted to make it so when you click a button to hear one my tracks, it flashes up "Now playing.... (There Is) Life In Space by DJ Definitely" etc, but I dun know how to do this. (I can, however, do the buttons, where u press 'em it plays one of my tracks). So, anyone wanna help me out with this?

Oh, and Technosaurs is a mix CD that I'm working on, there'll be about 4 volumes in all.

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You'd need Flash and would never be able to keep it under 50kb. Also, I find sound tad annoying on web pages. :)

6/10 for your current one. The concept is good but the metal could look more realistic. :thumbsup:

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