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Seems to me that they hit the nail on the head. Specially for women from the Big Apple. :unsure: Neurotic, obsessive and stressed out women wanting the most expensive gown, wedding ring, reception hall and mode of transpartation to and from the wedding bossing everyone around. :wacko::blink::wacko::blink:

My sis's wedding didn't seem that complicated and it was held out of the country.

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I gotta feel lucky then.

My wife demanded a wedding that costed just about one third of that wedding ring... and her wedding ring costed an even smaller fraction of that.

I guess I gotta get my act togheter and actually buy her some decent gold ... I feel almost bad she didn't ask for more considering what kind of VAMPIRES are out there.

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I pretty much agree with all points made so far, but you gotta realize it's just another so called "reality" TV show to try and get ratings. I get a gut feeling (and I have no evidence of this) that most of these "reality" TV shows are staged anyways. :o Big shocker, eh? <_<

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LOL - my ENTIRE wedding didn't cost more that $1000.00 :P

$600 for my ring

$400 for the wedding/reception - the groom and I didn't attend the reception as he was rushed to emegency room and was admitted for 3 days. :o

What is ironic is that it cost more for our seperation/divorce than it did to get married!!! :wall::o=:o=:wall:

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IIRC my sis's wedding was around $20,000. That included flying to

Costa Rica, staying at an all-inclusive resort for a party of 17. That even included their honeymoon there and the days prior to everyone elses arrival too.

Why do women want such a big wedding? So what if it's "their" big day. The way most marriages end in divorce nowadays, save the money and get married at the courthouse. Even walking down the aisle doesn't mean much if the paper from the courthouse isn't signed by a judge or justice of the peace. <_<

My 2 cents.

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