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Zantar45 on War Crime charge


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Stinking embedded reporters.


You know they only take pictures that are going to make big news and hurt the image of US Armed Forces.

Good thing I had that disposable camera with me.

Heres the REAL picture of what happend.


See I am a hero, I killed a zombie. As we all know, when a zombie kills- its victim/meal becomes a zombie.

Of course thanks to the 3rd burst his face was gone afterwards.......so...he...could have....been wearing a mask......that is if I killed him......

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I deny this photo was taken of Zantar45. It is all propaganda used to destroy the reputation of this good player. There was no battle that took place like that and the men in the photo were deciples of Rocky trying to replicate a crime that Zantar45 wouldn't ever commit. At the time this photo was taken Zantar45 was at my house having drinks and therefore was unable to commit this carnage, you are all liers, I damn you all to hell!!!!!

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The man was ordered out on black ops, to face an unknown, unliving enemy alone, with no back up, and ye would hang him for it? I say to ye, ye cant do it ! ! No sir ! ! Not till ye have walked in his shoes and seen with his eyes, and felt the terror he felt ! !

I say NO ! ! ! But instead the Medal of Valor is in order, for unflinching bravery and dedication to duty in facing an unknown enemy. (And of course for not streaking the old shorts when he saw the enemy was the walking dead). :ph34r:

P.S. Is this a new mod and where can I get it?

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I was sent in as a lone operative and my mission was to eliminate a Rebel leader in South America, who was suspected to be conducting experiments with new types of drugs made from Tropical Rainforest plants recently discovered.

My discoveries were grim. Experiments were conducted on soldiers, the experiments ate away at their minds and rendered them walking- living dead. Their sole purpose is revenge, since they have no more emotions or human thoughts they are driving by a frenzy to kill.

After ridding the world of a few of the scum I reached my target, the Rebel leader had been devoured by his own creations.

I don't expect any person to do what I did, but don't expect me not to fight back. For until you battle the living dead, don't tell me how to act in those situations.

Judge me however you may please, I stand by my actions.

I would like to thank Argyll for his SOF gear, it suited me well in my mission.

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As we can clearly see by the evidence in front of us, the "tango" is not an enemy, but clearly wanting to give the defendant a hug. However, the prejudice shown by Mr Norman Stanley Zantar to the facial disfigerment of the deceased caused him to shoot first and ask questions later. Sadly, for the departed, the answer will never come. This is nothing more than a severe aesthetic discrimination case.

May I add that the "tangos" loving wife and 3 small children are sitting up in the public gallery, and while they nibble on the court artists arm, are also crying.

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Not only did me matey not be doin' it, but ye lot of scurvy landlubbers need to be strung up from the yardarm!

'tis clearly a foul beast!

This bilge rat, 'Rocky,' has a conflict of interest. Amongst me booty, I'm certain, I've got a picture of a certain person limping along outside the prison with not one, not two, but THREE wounds.

Now tell me, maties... who can live with three wounds... BUT A ZOMBIE!

Anyone else who says differently gets a peg-leg in the ######.

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