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Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share the news...I finally received my Audigy 2 at 6:00pm my time. Installed it and ran the driver/software programs without a hitch. OMG, it sounds freaking awesome!!! One of the best purchases I've made for this computer.

I'm running the Boston Acoustics 4.1 7500 Series surround system. Very clean...I can turn my volume to MAX and I can hear the hiss very faintly. It came with Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix and Silent Assasin which use the Advanced EAX HD...haven't loaded those yet cause I fired up GR...Wow....*wipes drool from keyboard* ;)

And the cool part is I only paid $0.50 for UPS 2nd Day :D

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I got an audigy gamer last summer and couldn't believe the difference it made to my gaming experience. When my parents are away and I can play GR with sound turned up high, I can hear every way enemy fire is coming, and the immersion factor rises to a whole new level. A good sound card with surround speakers definately make a world of difference. I don't have the funds right now to supply a new Audigy 2, but I sure will look into getting my own in the near future. :D

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I went from a 5.1 Live! Value to this A2, mostly because I had no choice. My Live! card took a dump and started crackling and popping and I didn't want to blow my speakers. So I was originally thinking of a Audigy Gamer, but I liked the 6.1 option, and thought that if I every upgrade my speaker system...I'd get a 5.1 or 6.1 Digital system.

The main thing that's hard to believe is that there is virtually no noise floor...compared to the Live! I could turn my speakers to max (without any signal going to them) and the inherent hiss and noise was ever present. With the 106 SNR Audigy 2...just a teeny, weeny bit...and the average person probably couldn't hear it...

GR sounds incredible though, cause I'm hearing things I've never heard before, and I'm sure it's the same way even with the Gamer!

I hope GR2 is in EAX Advanced HD! :P

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