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true with the armor....but first u gotta hit it.

better optic and gunner school?

We dont need no stinking optic and gunner school! (forgot what movie)

We got something called Kentucky Windage...if it works for Carlos Hathcock, the boyz could used it too...just bigger gun

Well what happens when the 25mm is broken you going to call the army to fix it.

hey Kentucky Windage worked for me too!!

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Okay blue bonnet. Last I heard the air farce was looking for ways to improve their IFF systems. :P Aside from that give me two CIWS and bring all the F-16's with "dumb" bombs you want! :devil:


Navy way is if it dont work get a marine to fix it!!!

Only if we don't want to use it again! Otherwise when something's broke a "S.N.I.P.E" (like yours truely for instance) is called to fix it. :thumbsup:

Stout Hearts


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