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Island Thunder Thread

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i don't have IT, but i might get it from a bud soon...

hahahahahahaha. i wouldnt expect any more from the "1st ever IT reply" :D

by the way, you should really consider getting it, if i had to rate the 3 it would be it, gr then ds.

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How come Ronin? :rolleyes:

I thought about that she looks like a lean mean killing machine (and kind of reminding me of my sister in that way).

But then I wounder who she would prefer, Cohen and she doesn´t mach (according to the official GR site...) but she and Astra seems to be just as cold-hearted :wub:

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I wonder what the ghosts do in their downtime.

(I can really se Susan "Icequeen" Grey at tha bar, and nobody wants to date her... :-)

I disagree, @Tolen...I think everybody would like to date her...but her Icequeen aditude keeps the lads away ;)

(She's just playing hard-to-get, if you ask me :D )

Please don't get it the wrong way, but if your sister is anything like Susan Grey, man, I'd like to meet her! :wub:

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