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cant connect to the internet

F'n New Guy

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Why does everyone blame their PC when it's probably their connection, modem or ISP that usually is to blame??

One of these tekkies will probably be able to help you out if it is your PC, but you might have to call your ISP.

My suggestion would be to get all the info that they are going to ask you posted for them. You know the standard stuff ie: PC specs, proc., ram, video card, sound card, OS, network card etc.

Good luck.

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What OS are you using? Do you have a cable modem or are you on dial up? Do you have a hardware firewall/router?

If you have a cable modem and WindowsXP try this ... right click on your network connection and choose "repair". Sometimes that works.

Also, if you have a hardware firewall/router, try unplugging that and pluggin that back in. That works for me sometimes, too.


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If you are using cable modem try turning off computer and modem. This usually will reset modem and also may change your IP. If using xp or 2000 go to run type cmd for command prompt window then type ipconfig/all this will show your ip. you can try ipconfig/release or ipconfig/renew those explain themselves. If you have win88 type winipcfg. You may also want to check to make sure lights are blinking on your network card if using broadband. you can ping for local interface. :-"

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i ran a disc clean up and a defrag

i can connect now

it had nothing to do with my modem or isp

cause i have 3 other pcs hooked up

to the internet through this 1 router

but now for some reason :wall:

when i open My Documents

the letters are purple :wall:


now my gf thinks its pretty ###### :wall::wall:

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