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IL2 Sturmovik


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If I'm playing and you get knocked out of the sky with no bullets being fired, it's because I was on your tail and got a tad too close.

Damn target fixiation... :lol:

Stalker: Multi, but only with other people playing demos. BTW, I'm sure a P39's 37mm nose cannon would have no trouble penetrating an F22's skin.

Yoda: I have never really thought of it that much. I've always jumped in the cockpit, hit the throttle and take off :) Try doing it with a P39 some to get a feel for doing it fast (P39 has tripod gear, so you're level on the ground). Talking about bad visibility at takeoff, go hop in a FW-190... ARGGG!

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oh the 190... yah. that one. Handles like a pig, takes off like an elephant and lands like a brick. :huh:

Yah. nice.

Target fixation? Do you want to know what are the 2 reasons why I die while i practice with the AI?

1 - I stall at high speed and flat spin (49.5% of the time)

2 - I ram the target. (49.5% of the time)

3 - I get shot down (1% of the time)

And to be honest with Full Realism I haven't been able to take off easly the first times I tried. True that I haven't really played anything else but german planes. I have never really used Russian planes (except for the I-16 type 24... the Flash Gordon Plane, as I call it :blink: and that thing takes off like a jet, in 10 meters).

The P39 has the tripod gear? soooooo that's the plane I heard about ... the only one as far as I know that doesn't use the tail wheel... aaaah I see.

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This is a track (TRK file) from IL2... this track works ONLY within IL2. You must have the latest patch (1.3 i think). This is not a windows movie, it's an IL2 track. Download it and save it into your replay folder ('records' folder I think)

It's me in my 109 G-2 against 2 P-39 PQ10 (or something like that). The most recent P-39 in other words.

I kill the first guy easily... with the second guy I made couple of big mistakes :huh: but he made a bigger one at the end :D:devil::D:devil:

il2 track

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Wish I could join you, sounds like fun.

Post some screen shots of your games please, I'll be getting the next one when it comes out.

Yeah if you don't have IL2 then I suggest you wait and save up for FB. FB is going to be IL2+new stuff. Not worth buying IL2 right now.

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Getting FB? dude I am losing sleep waiting for it!

My 2 next games are going to be Nas2k3 and FB. Raven Shield is NOT on top of my list. That will definetely wait.

I am getting FB even if no one else here does. If FB picks up around here I wouldn't mind starting a GR.net squadron... :devil:

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WOW! :o

I have been thinking of doing that... and Jester beat me to it :rocky:

In any case...

1 - I would like to know who is interested in playing IL2 on line, so if I see you online on these forums or ICQ we can get in touch and decide to create a server on the fly. I want to create some sort of "roster". Say if you have IL2 and if you plan to get FB.

2 - I would like to know what your timezone is so we can choose times that ar good for everyone. This is not a commitment. Just information. If you can't make it to a server, so be it. No biggie.

3 - Instead of setting up one big server once a week that would probably be scheduling hassle for everyone, I'll just post here IP server address and time a few hours in advance and if you can join, fine, if you can't look here for the next server.

I plan to run servers for short periods of time (1-2 hours per shot) as often as possible.

Of course if you have a good connection feel free to do the same. I don't have the "copyright" to running servers.

For this weekend I was thinking of Sunday afternoon. Exact time... we can work it out here.

What do you guys think?

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1. IL2 - FB (maybe)

2. GMT (UK)

Sunday sounds good for starters, at least you'll have a target to shoot at

:P:hehe::P <-- Barrell Roll

:blink: <-- Pass the sick bag

:) <-- Flaps up

:( <-- Flaps down

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, but it's a good idea to put up an IP in advance if there is a game on similar to what we do for GR now..

Crashing and burning in anticipation...... :hehe:

Some can't put up an advanced IP as if they have a dynamic IP (like me.)

I am gonna go out on a limb here and say post the IP in the games room forum. Just mark it like OT: IL-2 xx-xx-xx to show the day of the server like we do for GR games. Post when server is up and post when down. I can start a PC game pic thread, where we can post pics from other PC games we play in.

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Ok my turn.

1 - I am East Coast US. NJ to be xact. EST timezone. This means I am 5 hours behind you guys. If it's 5pm here it's 10pm in the UK (my guess). Not a problem for me but if you gotta go to bed early that might me a problem for you.

2 - I have IL2. I will get FB for sure as soon as it comes out.

3 - my IP is MOSTLY fixed. I never turn my connection off cause it's not a computer. It's a router. So my IP is virtually fixed. I say mostly cause if I lose power in the house and the router gets turned off in theory my IP will change next time it will come back on.

WK.. thank you for the offer to put it in the games room. In fact that would have been my first choice. OT: IL-2 xx-xx-xx will be the subject of the post.

Tonight I will post all the info (after I figure out my schedule for tomorrow).

Again, if you can't make it, no biggie. I always fire up IL2 every other day for an hour or 2 to practice dogfight against the AI. Might just as well fire up a server and practice with you guys instead.

Why do I practice? dunno. I don't wanna compete. It's just fun. :D

1 - I'm interested, I have IL2 but don't know much about FB.

Pyro, if you have IL2 and you liked it you MUST get FB. There's going to be so many more fighters to choose from. And (drum roll please) LEVEL BOMBERS. I am a big fan of the movie "Memphis Belle", and some of the screenshots of FB are so photorealistic, it LOOKS like the movie.

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