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IL2 Sturmovik


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... squadron? flight? whatever you call it?

I would love to set up a GR.net IL2 sturmovik squadron.

Now that FB is getting close (43 days remaining) with new bad boys like the Hurricane and the P-47 joining in the fray, there's going to be a lot more choice of planes to fly.

I don't really wanna join one of them clans or squadrons that REQUIRE participation and have RANKS and all that stuff.

And I hate playing on gamespy or any other anoymous type of online matching system, no matter how well designed.

I just wanna play online with people I know... kinda like we do here at GR.net from time to time.

Anyone up for it :ph34r: ?

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How do you call a set of planes and pilots all belonging to the same "bunch" and all stationed at the same base and all commanded by one officer?

In german they are called "Jasta" (I think).

As far as your landings ... that just takes a little bit of practice.

It's takeoff the problem. The first time I took off with my trusty Bf109 G-2 lo and behold one of my wheels comes off the ground on its own ... well maybe not on its own. I am 100% sure I did something screwy.

for some unknown reason (to me) the plane is now listing to the left, the left wheel lifting dust and smoke off the ground, the right one hanging limp and useless in the air. :huh:

I try to compensate, I overdo it, the left wing viciously jumps off the runway hard enough that the plane goes almost 90 on one side, I tried to compensate for that and recover but the plane at this point lost a lot of speed (didn't have much to begin with) and starts to dip (note: I am still flying over the runway, comically struggling to get the plane off the ground and just managing to have the AI wingmen point and laugh at my plane from behind me while I entertain them with my human stupidity). <_<

What do you do when the plane's nose is going down and you don't have enough speed? You pull the joystick towards your chest as hard as you can of course!!! :wacko: the plane goes (obviously) totally vertical, stalls like pig and slowly and relentlessly rotates on its yaw axis until I do an almost perfectly vertical faceplant in the grass on the right side of the runway.


moral of the story? I was using the cockpit view. Couldn't tell where I was going or what was happening during takeoff and simply couldn't handle the erratic behaviour I forced my kite into.

But then again, it's just a question of practice. Now it doesn't happen anymore and on top of that, we don't really need to start missions from the ground. We can just duke it out in the air in Quick Mission mode with the AI and forget about landings and takeoffs. :rocky:

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Yoda: Squadron?

Anyway, as far as landings and so on, be gentle. I never had much troubled with the take-offs, just taxing cause I can't see cause of the huge nose. Have you yet to fly a the P39? In flight, it's more of a beast than any German plane.

Be sure to use flaps and to get as much speed as possible on the ground (start pulling up right before you run out of runway) and keep the nose pushed down to enforce this. Maybe even use WEP if you need extra speed.

If your plane starts turning by itself, which I assume you mean, give it some rudder. Also, have you found the usefulness of trims yet? :) If your plane, starts yawing to the left, right, up or down from a level attitude, just give it a little trim and straighten it up. Quite useful. I think the keys are ctrl + up, left, right or down arrow. The only times you'll need left or right are to counter-act engine torque.

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at some point I manage to master carrier landings on Jane's F/18 and believe me... those were nightmares. Since then, ANY landing is not a problem for me. Walk in the park.

Takeoffs ... those are a real problem with prop planes. Jets, you just go full AB and some planes manage the flaps and gear automatically for you.

Besides on prop planes, you have things like torque and prop turbolence and and all that stuff that at takeoff makes the plane list to the left(?) a lot.

No I haven't really played with trim yet. I hear that it improves gunnery precision (which is something I sorta suck at right now).

I have not flown a P39 but I fought P39s and I managed to kill a bunch.

I am partial to the 109 for some reason... until the new western planes will show up in FB that is... then I don't know. I might migrate to the P47 or the Hurry... we'll see.

@Super Bob & NightCrawler - Forgotten Battles is a standalone and it's pretty much a brand new game. Of course it's going to keep a lot of the old stuff from IL2 but I saw screenies of the IL2 planes WITHIN FB and they look more detailed, with better textures, etc.

@Rook, I found out that the trick to take off safely is to GRADUALLY increase throttle. You can't jack up the power to max and pray that you stay aligned.

If you increase speed gradually and take your time, the left pull is a lot less and a lot more manageable. I almost never use WEP at takeoff as it seems to actually make things worse for me.

In any case, it's been a while I have had a problem taking off. I have since mastered the art of lifting one of these flying bricks safely off the ground :D

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I'm up for a few games Yoda, it's been too long since I played a flight sim.

So Forgotten Battles is going to be a Standalone game, hmmmm, guess that explains why I got IL2 for under £10. Still worth the money tho :)

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Dont worry about it Yoda, I'm sure a few people (those who dont play on Mikes Server for example) will not know who I am.

What can I say ...... my finger slipped ;)

My gunnery leaves a lot to be desired at the moment, shot down my first plane yesterday. Took a while, it was a Stuka, and if my reading of old Commando comics is right those things are fairly heavly armoured.

I always manage to land tho ...... nose first :blink:

It is a very nice game, tho. Nice to get away from jets all the time too.

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Post time and such, I might be able to join and try some of my skills (which suck). I'm on a 56k as well, but I heard it works good with 8 planes or less for 56kers.

Yoda, you do have rudder control don't you (as in pedals or twisty stick)? I can give it full throttle with full rudder (left or right, depends on the way the engine spins) and stay aligned all I want just by altering the amount of rudder till I lift off. The torque effect goes away mostly after take-off.

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is the game any good??? is there a demo?? Personally I would want to fly an F-22.

That would be a mod huh? A squadron of mustangs on the prowl then all of a sudden my F-22 comes out of no where at mach 2.5 blasting away at everything.

Surprise the hell out of them. teehee. :lol:

If I ever get the time I will check it out then let you know.

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Yes, there's a MP demo. Only had 2 planes last I checked: IL2 and P39.

Well, unless you locked on a missle a mile away, you'd be no match for WWII fighters. They can out-turn a F22 cause they're going so much slower :D

I got into WWII sims because of the fact you can shoot and kill someone without seeing them in modern sims. In WWII you had to get close and risk crashing into your victim to get a kill. MGs and small cannons aren't very powerful :)

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Can those bullets penetrate the armor on a F-22?? And for that matter would I WANT to go slow enough for them to get me?? LOL :lol:

I would tease them. wait for em to get behind me. Then say on radio..."oh no it looks like they got me". Then....*wooooshhhhhh*. Then wait for em to get behind me again...."oh no they have me"......*woooooosh*

I could take em out by simply breaking the sound barrier right next to em....muhoohahahaahaaaaaaaa :devil:

p.s. is the demo multiplayer??

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@Rook - the takeoff problem I was having is that I can't see past my nose until I hit 50kmh. then the tail lifts and I can see where I am going. I had to figure out how to keep the plane aligned without overdoing it with the rudder and WITHOUT seeing where I was going while the plane's nose was pointing up. The 109 is horrible from this point of view. Horrible runway visibility.

SO the trick is to coax the plane to lift the tail GENTLY off the ground but gradually increasing throttle, keeping an eye on the direction indicator and keeping it as steady as possible, and when the tail lifts and I can see where I am going I go full throttle and make all the corrections I need with rudder/ailerons... but at this point I can SEE where I am going.

Looking forward to some on-line air battles! :o=

@Stalker_Zero - it feels like you are talking about flying the 109 or ... the Me262 :devil: You don't really need a F22... Forgotten Battles will come with Jets. No Fire and Forget missiles... but really, what's the fun in that? I think that there's a demo for IL2 out and I remember playing it. It's got a coupla missions. Don't really remember if it's multiplayer or not.

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Dang, these threads always pick up so much speed before I even notice them.

Well as you know, I have IL-2 and finally got to try it out properly about a week ago. I like it. Well, I mean I suck at it but... I like it.

I wouldn't want to commit myself to too much but I'll easily pop in for a few games when they're up.

Looking forward to getting shot out of the sky by you :D

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