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  1. A retrospective review of Ghost Recon Wildlands Retrospective personal review of the Ghost Recon Wildlands game. It original promise, has it lived up to it, what's good, what's bad, where did it miss a trick and where did it smash it.....
  2. Hey everyone its Bodark again, hope you guys been well. I just recently made this video where I was slightly triggered lol. I basically got really mad with the way gamers treat devs and how they behave themselves lately. Talking crap about games and cursing at devs on social media and just not even appreciating the same games that they're talking about. Sometimes they''ll be talking about the smallest problem and blow it out of proportion. I guess this is also part of the argument that gaming youtube is super negative right now, in any case if you guys agree or want to drop your opinion please do so here or on the video. See ya guys ✊.
  3. New Breakpoint Immersive Mode....... All you need to know News and updated details on the coming Immersive mode (Ghost Experience) for Ghost Recon Breakpoint if you need to know more than the trailer tells you.....
  4. An indepth analysis on how Ghost Recon Breakpoint doesn't live up to its promises, and why the series needs to look back on what made it special in the first place. Enjoy!
  5. Fallen Ghosts not Narco Road, Mission dlc not raids, and a bipod that can actually be used. Funny and weird out of place things are cool in a game like the Easter eggs from wildlands and El yeti and predator but still the focus should still be toward the original concept. To put it simply I don't think some of the additions from breakpoint to wildlands fit into the style of game or genre the entire series has been up to this point. Alot of what has made the series has been tactics and realism. Robots being a primary enemy, loot, social hub, injury system all feel gamey to me. I would argue that some of the changes were probably only addded to sell microtransactions and not for the benefit of the title. The only thing I could see being a good addition would probably be some of the survival mechanics. To show my distaste for the changes I decided to not play the campaign. I played only a few hours to test and see all the changes. Even if you are another person who ignores the gamey stuff or say they don't matter or it doesn't affect anything by the time you get to the next game it won't even resemble ghost recon anymore. It'll look more like divison 4. I didn't make this super long video and partial script for easy likes in fact I expected more hate than anything similar to your comment but I wanted to explain to some degree why its lacking in concept and in launch quality. I'm not sure if you listened to the entire video but most of the meat of it is at 20 mins and after. https://youtu.be/17ngZgPOH6U
  6. Long discussion video discussing everything we know and think about the reveal of breakpoint. Alot of good conversation happened at around the 23 min mark and up. I'm excited however it still feels too soon and I don't like the addition of always online or rpg elements . Alot of people have tried to convince me however I'm fixed on disliking them in any shape or form.
  7. 2019 Sniper pvp as the sentinel with some friends.
  8. Talking about some of the best ghost recon future soldier players and Explaining how skill works in tom clancy's ghost recon: future soldier multiplayer. I swear I'm not trying to promote my youtube channel here lol. But after listening to this video again after I made it, I'm certain a ton of you guys would really like this. After loving future soldier, then going to try wildlands and being in the community for so long this video is one I wanted to make for a really long time. I think it came out pretty great, have an awesome day ghosts.
  9. Not even sure what to say lol. You guys are awesome to keep it short and the ghost recon community is by far one of my favorites. This is some clips of the last 5 years and credits featuring a ton of awesome community members.
  10. Even with dedicated players like those we have in the ghost recon community things feel like we're at a standstill and the updates are few and far between, right? Next to For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege this game seems like its just supposed to fall to the wayside. New content and updates will be here in the next few months but with these newer games coming out will there be much of a playerbase left? Look at the last ghost recon ! Future Soldier has some of the best game design and multiplayer elements I've ever seen! Yet its been given such little attention after release. If you need more evidence check out these videos from other content creators. Even the youtubers that used it to grow are leaving it because that's all that mattered to some of them, not the game. Dom of The Dao/LostSouls/DeltaElite
  11. Hey guys its zulu, this is just some old gameplay I didn't get to post of me, ITK5, and muddvain. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any of you guys think a new ghost recon is coming soon?
  12. The following is a super long conversation I had with a couple of friends of mine about the military. Basically how it functions like a well oiled machine with very little of a moral compass and how its been for me since I joined nearly three years ago. The conversation starts 2 mins in but it get better with every min definitely. If you were thinking about joining or you're just intrigued by military life then I recommend you watch it. though we do also talk about how men have changed in modern society and have become docile and weak creatures compared to our ancestors. Alot of good stuff here.
  13. Last match that the ghost recon junkies group played together on the khyber strike dlc maps. I hope you guys enjoy the video, I had to make it short because they mostly just rained grenades on me lol.
  14. Epic multiplayer montage in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. If you liked this please check out my grfs montages playlist until my next one with Khyber Strike. We're playing on the Transit map in the Artic Strike DLC.
  15. A pretty long winded explanation of how I felt about this game initially and how I came to love it. I'll also be talking about the youtube side of the ghost recon diagram. If your a long time fan of the series or a newcomer this may be really something you can relate to. So basically if you're on this site you'll probably be interested in what I have to say in this video.
  16. Has anyone else gotten a glitch, where the AI swims in mid-air or on land? The AI can bee seem glitching here at the 5:00 and 5:30 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9ASJiUGRPk
  17. Coop like in the times of Ghost Recon / GRAW (2) Find us on Steam and join in! watch HD ... Dedication to Ghost Recon Original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrFtFPcGWx0 greetings BIGTREE
  18. Some folks in Japan have been streaming their Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed co-op gaming sessions to Ustream. So far there are more than 15 hours worth of gameplay footage! They started with "vanilla" Ghost Recon, then used an older version of the mod, and video 4 and onwards show them playing Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b7. I think it may be worth watching.
  19. Hey guys whats up. I would just like to take this opportunity to plyg my youtube channel, Bird Chirp Gaming. It is a channel that is run by me and a friend. I will be producing gaming content for GRFS and other game to come (H4, Blops 2, BioShock Infinite, DOA5). I ask for your support as i am new to this and i need views to make this a success. Please support again, any support would be great! Thanks!
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