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  1. Hello all, I'd just like to let the ghost recon community know that the Gamerecon community, currently playing GRAW2 online together (you lucky devils) are back up after our a short two or three days of downtime. Anyone can join in the fun, there is no cost or tricks involved other than running our launcher and create an account just like you did with GameSpy. You can download all you need at our website, simply google "gamerecon - Services & Resources for Multiplayer Gaming Communities" or just click on the link in my signature below. It's been a big task to keep this system up and running and we seem to be getting some extra traffic so come get some. Enjoy!
  2. Hello all, OK, first up, let me take this opportunity to most sincerely apologize (especially those who donated) for the GRC (ghostreconconnect.net) system failing. "What went wrong?", I here you say? After hosting a pool of servers from my home for over five years on a shoestring budget something had to give and eventually it did, in trying to minimize electricity costs I shut down the slave node (physical computer) and NAS to NAS replication, which safeguards data loss in the event of hardware failure. After more than a year without rebooting the master node I thought I should service it, on reboot, the PSU failed and so did the local HDD. The disaster recovery I tried all manner of recovery techniques with mixed success but I lost too much data to recover the virtual server lists from the master node, eventually, I got too tired and stressed, I needed to have a break, so I did just that. When I returned with a fresh set of brains, to my disbelief, I managed to get the virtual machine lists from the slave node imported into the server pool and it worked, however, the GRC (GameSpy replication) virtual machine was not one of them. probably due to it never being rebooted since I instead it. The new GameSpy solution After the meltdown occurring on my home system and the associated costs hosting from home in Australia, I have created a new installation for the GameSpy alternative on a professional server in the USA.I'm moving the project forward and I will be actively looking for testers (& developers .NET C# PHP) to join - I'm comforted by the fact there are many other projects such as this (surviving on donations) centering on supporting just one game and perhaps other Gamespy games in the future. Users can also create free Clan websites as one of the gamerecon services. Gamerecon - Services & Resources for Multiplayer Gaming Communities More about gamerecon Users can play GRAW2 and also develop their own website (without needing to know how to code) but there are a few bugs, nothing major, and more service to add. Unfortunately, everyone will need to rejoin the forum, in addition, users will need to create new in-game accounts to play GRAW2 on Gamerecon. See you there. -JH
  3. Hello all, I'm happy to announce GRAW2 Multiplayer is back! _____________________________________________ Gamediggers have successfully installed the gamemaster connection system on their servers. We have also setup a new independent website to connect you and or clan, the new Launcher v1.2 is available for download there with the game iso and patch if you need it. Please register and support the project. ...see you in game soon. http://ghostreconconnect.com/ Regards Struth
  4. so if you've read this post before i changed it i'll just say that i figured out the camo problem by just reskinning the dds files directly but the problem still remains with Beasley's and Ramirez's heads not showing up when i switched their models from the 3.0 outfits back to the 1.4-1.47 outfits which are the outfits that the mercs use but with the custom headgear. the headgear works fine but the actual heads don't render. I was able to fix it before by giving both of them Jenkins head but i can't seem to figure it out this time i'm not sure if anyone that can help me still watches this forum but any help would be greatly appreciated. I will update this post if i figure it out.
  5. Coop like in the times of Ghost Recon / GRAW (2) Find us on Steam and join in! watch HD ... Dedication to Ghost Recon Original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrFtFPcGWx0 greetings BIGTREE
  6. Hello all, Some of you will know me as GD=_)Struth the administrator of the Australian PC-Gaming network formally known as GraveDiggers DownUnder or GDDU. the gddu.net website is no more as my partner in crime "GD=_)GRiNREAPER" has disappeared. I have changed our name to GameDiggers and using the same tag GD=_) You can find our new website here - gamediggers.net However that's not what I'm here for... I'm here to let you know that we are setting up a VPN using hamachi to play GRAW2 online as GameSpy will be closing as of May 31 this year. We will require all players to join our teamspeak3 server when playing and you can join automatically by clicking on the teamspeak3 app on the right side of our front page. I'm sure there will be a better alternative at some time in the future but for now this should work fine. Regards all - JH ---------------------------------------------------Update----------------------------------------------------- I can confirm GRAW2 works fine with the free version of Hamarchi, "unmanaged" I set up my server on a routable class A IP and setup Hamarchi network on that server then run GRAW2 client, select Multiplayer/logout and bobs your uncle. I had a player from the USA and another from South Africa test it, we played through a coop with no problem at all. The free version only allows for five clients, one of which is the server it self so if your planing to have more then 4 players at a time on you server you will need to shell out for the Managed version: Standard network subscription | Up to 32 members per network £19.00 per network | Total: £0.00 / year I will update this post with the details of how the Managed system works if the demand requires it Please think about joining gamediggers.net to keep this game online If enough players are interested I will create a public network with a read only HD and auto reboot to make it secure
  7. rvsa_the_cave_v2 is ready for release. This is a mission by Taw_Mexicobob based on a map by PGS_Iceman from an idea from BH_ Roland Name for your server is: rvsa_the_cave_v2 Size of the zip file is: 6.02 MB Enjoy ​ DOWNLOAD. Thanks to the =BH= Clan for testing
  8. This is a RVSA mission by Taw_Mexicobob based on PGS_Iceman's Icaro map and a suggestion from =BH= Roland. Thanks to the =BH= clan and TAW clan for testing. size : 4.3 MB Name for Server: rvsa_icaro_v1 Download. Enjoy ​
  9. After 2 months of working with the =BH= clan I have finished my first working RVSA map. This map is based on Bogie's Assault mission map using the Training Grounds map as a starter. Name for the server is: rvsa_assault_v1 Size of Zip file is 2.61 MB I would like to thank the =BH= clan for the beta testing and ideas for this mission. Also the TAW members who also tested. DOWNLOAD
  10. Please help. graw 1 crashes when I kill someone or slide down the rope from helicopter. It started happening when I installed 3rd person mod. please help. Heres a screenshot: http://postimage.org/image/xttl9ybjv/ btw. I got v1.0. I just got the game today so I haven't updated it. Thanks
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