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  1. The friendly folks over at Ghost Recon Hideout are carrying the torch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon online multiplayer, with a whole list of active game servers, including in-game voice communication, and accompanied by player forums to chat about the game, and life in general. Meet up for friendly co-op games or PvP/TvT battles, and take part in tournaments and other special events. I urge you to join the GR Hideout Discord and jump back into the fun of Ghost Recon multiplayer! Long live Ghost Recon!
  2. Hi all, I'm DogEggFive. First time poster here. As indicated by this very post, I am a little crazy, and so I've made a list (with visual description) of all the skyboxes used in the missions of the original game & two expansions (origmiss, DS and IT maps, including non-campaign ones). I was initially looking only for some rainy sky (I recently got into modding and needed one for practice mission), but decided to check them all out & write down the descriptions for later convenience. I looked at each skybox from normal first person perspective via corresponding missions, unmodded. Since I observed them with all the map geometry and fog in the way, some of the descriptions may be lacking info about the skybox (like the visual presence of the sun). Visual descriptions are pretty subjective, and I didn't really have a perfectly consistent standards, but I hope it helps. Some missions use existing skybox files from earlier missions, as you'll see. I went through skybox file names after I'd done most of the visual observations, so at first I wasn't sure if they were reusing the same skyboxes. I did consider taking screenshots, posting them elsewhere & liking it here, but I quickly deemed that too much work. If I go insane I might do that in the future. Anyhow, I hope this will help the one person out there (maybe) who is looking for this exact information. If someone's already done this but better, and the page is still up, please link it here and cause an utter devastation in me. lol I can be pretty bad with responding to people sometimes, so I may or may not respond to comments, but if you have corrections or additional useful info, please feel free to add them! (But please be nice when pointing out mistakes, haha) (Forgive any filename typo/mistakes.) - Formatting - [ Mod pack ] (1.) Mission number & name / Time of day* / Weather* (*As described in mission loading screens) (2.) Skybox .pob file name (they are in the corresponding "Model" folder) (3.) Visual description of the skybox - Skybox description (By mission pack) - [ Origmiss - Ghost Recon ] M01 - Iron Dragon / 05:45 / Sunny m01_caves.pob (morning, sunrise/sunset, pinkish clouds) M02 - Eager Smoke / 02:15 / Cloudy m02_farm.pob (F/A-18 crash map - midnight, super dark, heavy cloud) M03 - Stone Bell / 10:00 / Sunny m03_rrbridge.pob (light blue, some clouds) M04 - Black Needle / 15:00 / Sunny m04_village.pob (Blue Hat rescue - Cloudy. Grey clouds. brighter, grayish blue sky) M05 - Gold Mountain / 09:00 / Sunny m05_embassy.pob (City map - reddish yellow, some clouds) M06 - Witch Fire / 02:00 / Clear (night) night_moon.pob (castle - dark, few clouds, low quality) M07 - Paper Angel / 06:00 / Sunny m07_river_skybox.pob (bridge & river, few clouds, bright light blue sky) M08 - Zebra Straw / 16:00 / Rain m08_battlefield.pob (battlefield - grey, bright, heavy cloud) M09 - Blue Storm / 09:00 / Rain m09_swamp.pob (swamp - grey, slightly darker than M08, heavy cloud) M10 - Fever Claw / 18:00 / Rain m10_vilnius.pob (Vilnius - pretty dark, grey, heavy cloud) M11 - Dream Knife / 03:00 / Clear (night) m11_pow_camp.pob (prison - very dark (midnight), clear starry sky) M12 - Ivory Horn / 02:00 / Clear (night) m12_docks.pob (Port - very dark, cloudy) M13 - Arctic Sub / 04:00 / Cloudy m13_airbase.pob (Airbase - very dark. heavy cloud) M14 - Willow Bow / 13:00 / Snow m14_mountain.pob (snow mountain - bright sky, heavy cloud) M15 - White Razor / 11:00 / Snow m15_redsquare.pob (Moscow - few clouds, grey, kind of dark sky) ~~~I gotta say, the sudden appearance of the inconsistently-named "night_moon.pob" on M07 threw me off.~~~ [ Origmiss Training ] Training / 13:00 / Sunny training_afternoon.pob (Low sun. Light blue sky. Few clouds. Looks low-res and compressed.) I almost forgot this one. [ Origmiss MP ] Mp01 - River / 10:00 / Sunny mp01_river.pob (Unused map. Large bright high sun, some clouds. Pale light blue sky.) Mp02 - Night Battle / 02:15 / Cloudy m02_farm.pob (Same as m02 farm.) Mp03 - Railroad / 15:00 / Rain m09_swamp.pob (Same as m09 swamp.) Mp04 - Valley / 18:00 / Partly Cloudy mp04_valley.pob (Unused forest valley map - nice sunset. Cloudy. Bright low sun illuminating clouds surrounding it. Purplish grey sky.) Mp05 - Docks / 09:00 / Partly Cloudy mp05_docks.pob (Unused map dock map. Very bright, yellow-ish white sky.) Mp06 - Castle / 12:15 / Sunny mp06_castle_skybox.pob (Alternate castle - Small, very high sun. Very cloudy. Pretty bright greyish blue sky.) ~~~I initially thought that Mp06 was the only MP map of the Origmiss, but then I saw the other ones as I went through the env files to see the skybox file names. I was annoyed at first that I had to look through them, but it ended up being a nice fun little experience to explore these maps. I remember some of them from back when I was playing the PS2 version of the game. They were available in quick mission game modes, if I remember right. Also, I thought Mp06 was identical to M06 Castle. Only recently realized (not that I've been playing the PC version for long) that its earthy portion was somewhat different from M06's.~~~ [ MP1 - Desert Siege (DS) ] D01 - Burning Sands / 03:00 / Clear (night) d01_beach.pob (beach - No cloud, starry sky, full moon) D02 - Flame Pillar / 11:00 / Sunny d02_refinery.pob (oil facility - darker desaturated light-blue sky, no sub?) D03 - Cold Steam / 15:30 / Sunny d03_depot.pob (depot - bright desaturated light-blue sky, few pinkish clouds, bright sun. Weird lines in the sky?) D04 - Quiet Angel / 16:00 / Sunny d04_riverbed.pob (Truck escort - bright yellowish light-blue sky, no clouds, bright sun) D05 - Gamma Dawn / 23:00 / Clear (night) d05_aurora.pob (Blackbird crash, cloudy night) D06 - Spectre Wind / 19:05 / Sunny d06_skybox_ghosttown.pob (scrap yard/house on a hill - Sunset/rise, has sub - nice blue sky, orange clouds/orange lower half) D07 - Subtle Keep / 18:00 / Sunny d07_roadblock.pob (the sniper bunker map - lower sun, blue top, yellow bottom, some subtle clouds) D08 - Torn Flag / 11:00 / Sunny sky_day_cloudless.pob (anti tank - bright blue sky with white-ish lower half, high sun, no clouds) [ DS mp ] Dp01 - Stronghold / 06:00 / Sunny m01_caves.pob (*Same as M01.* low sun, pinkish white clouds, light blue sky. Nice.) Dp02 - Farm Day / 10:00 / Partly Cloudy m07_river_skybox.pob (*Same as M07* low, bright, massive sun. Few clouds. Desaturated (kinda grayish) light blue sky) Dp03 - Creekbed / 18:00 / Sunny m01_caves.pob (*Same as M01.* low, bright sun. Pinkish clouds, light blue sky) Dp04 - Wilderness / 11:15 / Partly Cloudy m07_river_skybox.pob (*Same as M07.* low bright big sun. Some clouds. Desaturated light blue sky.) Dp05 - Ravine / 16:00 / Partly Cloudy dp05_ravine_sky.pob (higher bright small sun. Greenish yellow sky. Looks compressed.) ~~~I'm noticing a decent amount of re-use as I go through the env files. Explains why some sky(boxes) looked very similar/almost identical when I was visually observing them.~~~ [ MP2 - Island Thunder (IT) ] C01 - Watchful Yeoman / 6:30 / Partly cloudy c01_plantation_sky.pob (low bright sun, few clouds, blue top & yellow bottom) C02 - Angle Rage / 19:30 / Rain c02_military_camp_skybox.pob (training base - fairly dark grey sky, heavy clouds, rain map) C03 - Jaguar Maze / 19:30 / Rain c03_high_sierra_skybox.pob (V-22 map - cloudy kinda darkish blue sky) C04 - Hidden Spectre / 11:20 / Fog c04_skybox.pob (airfield - green sky, maybe cloudy? Green.) C05 - Rapid Python / 01:00 / Partly clouds (night) c05_skybox.pob (valley map - fairly dark night sky, some thin clouds, crescent moon) C06 - Liberty Storm / 06:45 / Sunny d07_roadblock_sky.pob (Polling center - reuses D07 skybox. lower sun, blue top, yellow bottom, some subtle clouds. Now here's our first IT entry for the inconsistently named files!) C07 - Ocean Forge / 11:45 / Partly cloudy c07_skybox.pob (beach - no sun? Darker, blue top & yellow bottom sky) C08 - Righteous Archer / 08:20 / Rain c08_stronghold_skybox.pob (fort - 8:20, fairly dark, stormy heavy cloud) [ IT mp ] Cp01 - Hunting Lodge / 14:45 / Sunny cp01_hunting_lodge3.pob (vivid bright blue sky with large clouds & contrails. I wonder where the lodge1 and 2 went.) Cp02 - Island / 19:20 / Cloudy cp02_island_skybox.pob (very cloudy sunrise/sunset, half yellow & blue sky, other half grey and darker) Cp03 - Prison / 10:05 / Partly Cloudy cp03_prison_skybox.pob (brighter cloudy sky, light grey clouds, very high sun) Cp04 - Island Village / 20:15 / Clear (night) cp04_beach_sky.pob (few clouds, darker blue sky (pre-sunrise-like)) Cp05 - Market / 07:30 / Sunny cp05_market_skybox.pob (totally yellow sky, some clouds) Aaaaand that's it, phew! Took me some good hours to gather and compile all this info. I'm sure it would've been a bit more useful around 2002, but even if practically no one needs this, I could at least satisfy the nerdy part of me here. Feel free to copy/paste this elsewhere for the preservation of all this invaluable knowledge. (Just please credit me & link this page as the original source. I must let the world know that I'm funny in the head!)
  3. i'll Post my Own OUT Of CONTEXT Moments that Happened to me while Playing Ghost Recon (You Can Post Your's too in Here, But Listen admins if your not ok with my Humor or the Topic then Delete it and warn me idc) In This Part i was bit Tired and Bored so i Did Typed this : Same to This part You Get the Reference if you played among us :
  4. New Breakpoint Immersive Mode....... All you need to know News and updated details on the coming Immersive mode (Ghost Experience) for Ghost Recon Breakpoint if you need to know more than the trailer tells you.....
  5. Hi guys! Does anybody of you know how to add a new weapons or any other models (created,for example in Blender) into Ghost recon (like Heroes Unleashed mod)? Is that possible?
  7. Just wondering...would it be an idea to declare a certain day Ghost Recon day? Have servers up and running for 24 hours, reunite with old friends online on various TS channels and in game. Celebrate the game, the good times, and still the hope that one day the game will be just revamped. Just an idea! Best, Koelshooter
  8. We will be hosting an event on March 10th 2018 at 15:00 EST (3:00 P.M. EST). It will be a coop event. We'll just do some missions from the campaign the whole time. The server we will use is GrandPas' server. The IP is Be sure to join my Discord and check the site Calendar for more information. Thanks!! https://discord.gg/DK2KN5
  9. We will be hosting an event on March 10th 2018 at 15:00 EST (3:00 P.M. EST). It will be a coop event. We'll just do some missions from the campaign the whole time. The server we will use is GrandPas' server. The IP is Be sure to join my Discord and check the site Calendar for more information. Thanks!! https://discord.gg/DK2KN5
  10. hey there is a exclusive centcom*(also a mod,lot smaller) & heroes server... also , here's a discord channel with lotsa players https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp youl find me there, same nick. cheers
  11. Greetings Ghosts, I'd like to introduce to you GhostWarLeague.com - a new site that just went live today. Our team is made up of Ghost Recon (2001) and Ghost Recon 2 players, who have played GRAW, GRAW 2, and other games in the GR series, including Ghost Recon Wildlands. We have also played on and/or admined on many of the old ladders/leagues such TCZ, TWL, TAG, Squad Games, WLG, Fragpin, and others. With the news of Ubisoft launching a 4v4 PvP version of Wildlands, my friends and I got excited and had hoped to relive some of the olden days matching with Ghost Recon. While looking around for a ladder, there's just not much out there, sure there are big esports leagues, but nothing solely dedicated to Ghost War. Enter GhostWarLeague.com. We plan to feature 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 separate ranked ladders for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The rules for PC will cater to PC gamers and the rules for console to console gamers. We will also feature 4v4 tournaments. Our site, account creation, forums, and Discord server are all up and running. We hope you will check us out and be a part of the Ghost War League. Sincerely, GWL_Specter League Director http://ghostwarleague.com
  12. Ghost Recon Wildlands & the Cocaine Catholics This review had me dying hahah
  13. This forum is to just drop either suggestions or bugs that players come across to help out the developers with future patches and updates. NOTE: Would like to go out there as say I have much love for this game and this forum was only created with the sole purpose of helping, rather than criticizing. That said, I do hope that members of the Ghost Recon Dev team take some, if any, of these ideas into consideration as well as offer feedback to help us better understand the process and the game. ..Keep calm & Ghost on
  14. Hey Everyone I'm kinda new to this place and I'm still learning all the corners of the forums but I just wanted to say I love the simple design of the page. I was curious for a long time on what the most accessible social media was to talk about ghost recon. Twitter and facebook are cool but FB is cluttured with all different kinds of pages,notifications, and so on. Twitter is well... just weird to use lol. Some people would say use reddit, but on my laptop unlike the mobile app there is far too much happening on screen and the layout is pretty ###### in terms of web design. This is by far the best ghost recon social spot in terms of attractive page layout and awesome forum design. Have a awesome day everyone!
  15. Here are my thoughts on the beta that was just dropped yesterday https://youtube.com/channel/UCE5JVO16HPBgj1-NUil9dfw
  16. Hey folks, Just a quick announcement about an Arma 3 mod I am working on, partly inspired by Lightspeeds missions. A way way, way back I posted about developing a mod for ArmA 3 which captivated the feel of Ghost Recon. Now about 4 years later after messing around on other stuff and life in general I have a basic mod working and clumped together. I've put the source files (minus sound files) on Github and can send out a link to the addon on Dropbox (pm me) Github Repo: https://github.com/bat26/the_ghosts Dev / Feature tracker: https://trello.com/b/jt2hH33l Dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/55c9wo1bfnr64tq/AADScrZiJ82LXDv62uQxMCzwa?dl=0 Looking for any help or collaboration. The end goal is a framework that lets people create missions with as close a feel to Ghost Recon 1. Cheers,
  17. Its Quiet... Too Quiet ... Hey Everyone, I was messing around with some sound files in the Original Mod folder Of Ghost Recon so here is a short Ghost Recon mix i made using Ghost Recon sounds and loop samples from http://www.looperman.com All Credit goes to Looperman.com for the free samples. https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/newgrmix Standing By For Constructive criticism Enjoy
  18. Hello everybody! Does anybody if it's possible to view other people's replay? I understand that the replay itself is pretty much a text file containing code and not an actual video. I read an article on this website that said that if you don't have the same mods activated you had in your replay, then the replay won't function. So in theory, if you copy somebody's replay file from their pc to your pc and had the same mods activated that they had, then would you be able to play that replay file?
  19. Hi all, If you like tactical coop with a realistic approach, join in for some games. Server name: Somun TS3 server: nimbo.stratus.fi Default mods run: Desert Siege Island Thunder BB-AIO (weapon pack) BH_CLN map (no red enemy dots on map) More info about our group and used mods and where to get them: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/somun Best, Koelshooter
  20. OGR GAMERANGER SERVER I was wondering if anybody was up to still play this game online. If you guys know what GameRanger is then we will use GameRanger. But if you don't it is basically a server browser type of service. GameRanger works well for older games and works very well for OGR. I will link the download below. My dad was a big OGR player that some of you may have known. But I wanted to be able to get into it and have him get back into it with all of us together. If there is people that are willing to play online then either email me at hengeveldnick@gmail.com or reply below. There is no exact time as of now in which the server will be running. But when it is I will be sure to post. There may be a schedule eventually but as i said not now. Much thanks, and lets try to have fun! DOWNLOADS GameRanger- http://www.gameranger.com
  21. Coop like in the times of Ghost Recon / GRAW (2) Find us on Steam and join in! watch HD ... Dedication to Ghost Recon Original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrFtFPcGWx0 greetings BIGTREE
  22. Hi guys! Edit: Link to new site! http://www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr I played Ghost Recon with DS and IT for years. I have many good old memories from back in the day. I miss the TAG tournament and stuff. Back then we had Ubi.com to chat and communicate, now we have jack squat... Well, to make the community alive again we need a live chat so that we can communicate whenever we like. Directly.... not just forums.. Is there an irc for Ghost Recon original atm? If not, then I will create one using the mIRC. Simply download the mIRC client from www.mirc.com, select quakenet random server and join #GhostRecon @ quakenet. If you don't want the program on your computer. U can visit the channel from webchat.quakenet.org Channel #GhostRecon If theres no one in there when u join, well, don't give up. Don't leave. If everyone stays the community will once again slowly grow. This game is still one of my favorites and the multiplayer is freaking awesome. COME ON LETS PLAY! ) you with me?
  23. Does anyone else thinks the Ghosts from Call of Duty might be a little bit of a rip off from Ghost Recon or is it just me?
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