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Found 4 results

  1. A set of PCR in a clan is open! We ask everyone to join our friendly team and growing! Register on the site http://www.prostore-club.ru and leave your request on the Forum! Or send an email with brief information about yourself via e-mail: nicoversi@gmail.com (Be sure to include your nickname in the game and what you want to join our clan). Prostore Club Russia or :[PCR]: It is the only Russian clan now. The clan was founded in the year 2012. Best regards! See in game [PCR]:FLOM:
  2. Brothers In Honour is a group of like minded individuals that love to play co-op on a regular basis. Many of us that formed the group came from Phoenix Soldiers a well renowned ARMA 2 Sim playing group. Currently at time of typing we have 81 members and we are growing. If you want to play some decent tactical games alongside other great players, then come see us at http://www.brothersinhonour.com/index.php A large contingent will be on in the evenings, but some of us are around in the mornings also. You will be expected to use Teamspeak 3 ingame and we can help you set this up. We are all friendly there, so give us a visit and see what you think. We have several GRAW 2 coop servers up at this moment in time and can set up servers for other games if need be. One of the long term ones is GR1 that many of our original members like to play. Another that is popular is ARMA 2. Several of us play GRFS in coop also. So, if you want to play alongside a friendly, but disciplined group, give us a visit or drop in on our TS server and have a chat. See you ingame. =BH=CJ (aka cjo1964 here)
  3. Hey guys I'm a mature junior in high school and I got future soldier a while ago but I'm just now getting into as I've grown tired of COD. I play all classes but use mostly silence SMGs or shotguns and once in awhile a heavy mg just for fun. My psn is XxSolo-GeneralxX and I'm on a good bit of time I also,have a mic
  4. Hello prospective recruits, Undying Spartans (US1) is a group of solid, tactical players who are quickly climbing the standings (currently #40, but not for long). We have a core group, but are not yet satisfied with our position. Instead of growing complacent, we want to continue recruiting great players and keep moving forward. That being said, we will hold tryouts for all applicants (1 week of playing with our squad). Tryouts are not grueling, but are meant to weed out applicants who are not serious about competing. We have scheduled practice as a team 3 times a week; but why? -> We have map call-outs -> We have tactics/formations -> Team chemistry is necessary -> Most of our members have professional careers Applicant Prerequisites: -> Age 18+ (most of our members are 18-35) -> Willingness to learn If you are interested in applying to join US1: -> Visit our site: us1.enjin.com and fill out a form at the Agoge -> Send a message to my gamertag: Blackjack Zo -> Send a friend request to a recruiter's gamertag, either: Jaja 007 or Full Auto209 P.S. US1 will be moving to other major titles in the future as well, we are not cemented in Ghost Recon
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