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Found 9 results

  1. I am creating this thread for members who can relate on Android games. I played a lot of these games on my android phone. Below are the games I played and placed my opinion. I encourage to share yours. 1. Plants vs Zombies 2 Status: Uninstalled Played a lot of this before got a lot of expansions. EA rode the popularity of the original game. Uninstalled this because it really need a lot of space 2. Zombie Tsunami Status: Uninstalled Fun to play at the start until I lost interest. I love the physics of this game. 3. Iron Man 3 Status: Uninstalled Played this game until I got all the armors. It uses the gyro of my phone. It needed a lot of game time. 4. Marvel War Of Heroes Got tired of the unending card upgrades. 5. Breach And Clear Status: Installed Great game, the only android game I bought so far. classic rainbow six like planning for android. If you love rainbow six, you will love it. 6. Marvel Future Fight Status: Installed Currently playing this game, the stages maybe repeating, but I love the way you build(upgrade) your characters and it's multiplayer component. 7. Ghost Recon Network Status: Uninstalled Great simulation of GR FS weapons. I uninstalled it because it lags on my old phone. I will try installing it again on my new phone. 8. Assasin's Creed Unity Status: Uninstalled Only tried if I can have free UPlay points for my account. hahaha
  2. Hi guys! Edit: Link to new site! http://www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr I played Ghost Recon with DS and IT for years. I have many good old memories from back in the day. I miss the TAG tournament and stuff. Back then we had Ubi.com to chat and communicate, now we have jack squat... Well, to make the community alive again we need a live chat so that we can communicate whenever we like. Directly.... not just forums.. Is there an irc for Ghost Recon original atm? If not, then I will create one using the mIRC. Simply download the mIRC client from www.mirc.com, select quakenet random server and join #GhostRecon @ quakenet. If you don't want the program on your computer. U can visit the channel from webchat.quakenet.org Channel #GhostRecon If theres no one in there when u join, well, don't give up. Don't leave. If everyone stays the community will once again slowly grow. This game is still one of my favorites and the multiplayer is freaking awesome. COME ON LETS PLAY! ) you with me?
  3. Before anyone goes postal on me, this is for Steam users who do not care about the new trading card system. If you have no use for the cards but find yourself in possession of some, and know they will either gather digital dust or take quite a bit of effort for $0.35 return, I ask that you send them to me. The reason I collect them is incidental; due to my medical condition, I basically live in front of a computer, so I spend quite a bit of time (and money) on games, SP mostly as I have some limits that prevent me from MP yet. This puts me at quite a high "rank" in terms of the Steam trading card system, but my lack of MP means trading is very difficult. And yes, I am willing to pay, trade, or my preference buy your games and swap them, if you have quite a few to send me. The short version: If I know you here, friend me on Steam and I'll buy you games that are likely just a bit more than you would get from just selling the cards.
  4. So I eventually got around to getting rid of my disapointing X360. Nobody wanted to buy it, so I traded it in for a new Wii - and after a day playing the Wii I wish I had done it a long time ago. The games I got were 2 family type games where the kids could playing bowling and boxing etc, and two for me I just went for two of the highest rated games, RE4 and the latest Zelda game. I have never played Zelda in my life, so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about, because I understand the game is HUGE. Off the bat it reminded my of Final Fantasy, back in the day. It looks pretty easy going so far, so it might provide a welcome respite from the horrors of Bioshock on the PC. RE4 looks very promising. I loved the very first one, I think that was a PS1 release? Surprisingly, the whole aim and shoot process is a bit easier than with a joypad, I seem to find, so that's a bonus. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised with the quality of graphics too, I didn't expect much, so to find them more than adeqaute was another bonus. They do look a little "washed out" I suppose, but it's kind of atmospheric, so it's all good. I can see many afternoons of hilarity playing bowling with the kids though, neat stuff. The controller is VERY accurate. I have to admit when I initially saw the idea behind the controller when the Wii was released, I was in the "sounds great but I bet it won't work worth a dime" crowd, well, it does work, very very well. I'd love to find a game like the arcade shooters, where you reload by shaking the gun off screen, and take on a house of zombies etc, I don't think I saw anything like that in the top rated Wii games though. Impressive piece of kit though.
  5. Rocky

    Skinning Grid Cars

    Here's how to skin your own BMW in GRID. Tools Required DxtBmp PSSG Pack of both files HERE. Extract dds files 1. Backup and keep safe the folder grid\cars\bmw 2. Start PSSG 3. Browse to \Codemasters\GRID\cars\bmw\livery_00\textures_high\bmw_tex_high_00.pssg and click extract. 4. Browse to \Codemasters\GRID\cars\bmw\livery_user\textures_high\bmw_tex_high_user.pssg This creates two new folders called bmw_tex_high_user_pssgfiles with all the dds files we need inside. Import 3 dds files 1. Start DXTbmp (MW Graphics in start folder) 2. Do Prefs > Select Editor and point this tool at your preferred image editor (i.e. photoshop or paintshop pro). 3. Open bmw_main.dds" (in the folder "bmw_tex_high_00_pssgfiles). You can drag that file into the editor if easier. 4. Select the "send to editor" icon in the bottom row. 5. Do the same for the bmw_main.dds from the livery_user folder 6. Do the same for the main_m1.dds alpha channel using the "send alpha to editor" option deom the drop down menu. Go to this image and resize it to exactly double the size. Depending on your setup you will either have 3 images in your paint editor, or 3 instances of your editor opened each holding one of the images. We need to get one image now, with each of those images as a seperate layer. So copy and paste two of theimages as new layers in the first image. You should now have one image, with three layers showing different parts of the cars design. Edit Your Design 1. Redesign your car as you like! 2. Save the design in a format that retains the layers, so you can re-edit it easily later. For example psp format for paint shop pro or psd for photoshop. 3.
  6. Rocky

    The Xbox 360 sucks

    I'm going to expand on this later, but for now here are my top two one reasons why the 360 sucks. 1. Bear with me here... it's a console; console's are primarily aimed at and bought by people who for one reason or another do not have a (gaming) PC. The reason these people probably do not have a gaming PC is because they cannot justify the cost of building/buying a PC with enough juice to run the latest games. Remember that demographic, and recall it again in a sentence or two. Now consider this. To fully (or even BARELY) enjoy the 360, you have to (yes HAVE as in "MUST"), play it on a HD telly. A standard telly never has and never will be capable of displaying the sort of resolution that makes games look good. TV's were built for TV signals, not hi-res computer graphics. Without the required resolution (1) graphics look washed out and lack definition and (2) text is blurry and best unreadable at worst. Now jump back to that demographic you logged in your memory a moment ago, yeh, the typical "can't afford a gaming PC" console owner. What is the chance that such a household is likely to be in a position to own a large HD telly, when they can't afford a PC? I'd take a guess, NOT LIKELY. Now, I know some of you will be reading this, with an Xbox 360 and a huge HD telly somewhere in the house, bully for you, that's great and I am jealous as hell, but this isn't about me (really). This is about selling a next gen console as a loss leader (offset against the game sales), to entice everyone of any budget to buy it, knowing full well that without a costly HD telly, the "next gen" graphics are not going to look next gen, and even worse, might play worse than the previous gen.... but that's for another gripe in another blog entry. I'm sorry if this offends any 360 lovers, I just have a bit of a thing about the 360 right now, being as I bought it many MANY months ago, and have still never bought[1] a single game for it yet, because nothing I have seen beats what I am playing on the PC, as an overall gaming experience, and I am going to biatch about it. Alot. Probably. [1] Before anyone says "what about GRAW 360", I never bought it, it was sent to me.
  7. Guest

    Rocky wins at Mosport!

    Today I won my first ever Nascar race in Red Sector's Racing League! I don't usually even come close, but today I was on fire! I won the qualifier but some strange quirk of fate put me to the back of the starting line up. Undeterred I managed to make my way to the front and take the race. Teammate NYR came in 3rd, so that was two GRNET racers in the top 3!Great stuff.
  8. Guest

    This weekends gaming

    Gaming started early this weekend with a Ghost Recon game in the Omega Coop Tournament last night. I cant say too much about it as all the scores have not be announced yet, but we had a blast even though there were 1 or 3 setbacks out of our control.Today I really want to squeeze in some Joint Operations to see what all the fuss is over this new patch that NovaLogic released, then quickly offered a roll back on due to public "outcry". I also want to fit in some Doom3 havoc as that games been gathering dust for too long. Tomorrow it's out onto the Nascar track with the GRNET racing team in the RSi Racing League. I'm always the one at the back of the pack 'cause I don't practice enough, but it's still fun, and I enjoy making the replay movies (which I post at Tactical-Elite.net now and again).The game I am really waiting on (apart from the obvious title!) isn't Half Life 2 or even Halo 2 - it's NFS:UG2. It really is the season of the sequels right now in gaming - and NFS looks really great. The graphics are awesome, and the new gameplay modes look fun, and the tuning options have taken the game to a new level, so roll on my Birthday!Talking about Halo2 - if you missed the movie some guy made of the queues of fans waiting to buy it on release morning, head over to Fileplanet and track it down, it's a hoot.
  9. Guest


    Well this weekends gaming was pretty much disastrous.Friday nights Ghost Recon match wasn't too great. We were two or three men down and that cost us dearly (not to mention the lag). It's still good to play with the rest of the team, but annoying when points slip away like that.Then today at Nascar racing I was looking GREAT for a 4th place, which is damn good for me by the way, when BANG a slight accident infront of me, put my car into the wall and out of the race with only about 20 laps to go! That was a sickner.And to wrap it all up I missed out on our Joint Operations match at Clan Base, and the team ended up taking a bit of a pasting, again not least of all due to lag.Lessons learned? Play on our own blinking server as much as possible, and be prepared to sit behind the wheel for around an hour only to have it all go belly up on the homeward straight.I emailed punkbuster about a new cheat exploit I am not sure they know about today, to as we caught some juvenile idiots cheating at Clanbase recently, and only just figured out how they were doing it.On a more positive note, I uploaded two mods and put them on the news page at GR.net. One amazing weapons mod, and one campaign that sounds pretty good.Doom3 continues to gather dust
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