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Found 7 results

  1. hi, i start to play again the summer missions in Zapad 81 , the third one , but when i die (yes , it' s happen !!!!) i have the terrible message : all soldiers have been lost..but i have others soldiers alive ! and .sometimes a return to desktop or freeze of G.R and if not , i cannot charge the last save because same problem occur ...i try to erase my saves and to go fresh without success and it is the only mission with this problem , all the rest of the campaign (both summer and winter) goes perfect ! any idea , by chance ? Thanks in advance , it's frustating to cannot finish this fine mission of my favorite mod
  2. Hi, i have recently tried to play Ghost recon advanced warfighter again after taking a lengthy break, but i cannot play for more than 5-10 minutes before the game quits, and displays "Yeti Fatal Error: Generating Minidump- yes or no" I would love to have a fix for this as i love to play this game but and very peeved at the fact that this bug has not been patched and no working fix has been posted either. Please HELP!
  3. Kind people of the Ghost Recon forums, I am experiencing a strange thing... A while ago I was working on my mission and saved all my changes. I opened up the world.xml and in there I also made some changes (after I closed the editor). This has never given me any problems at all, as when you open the editor afterwards, the changes made in the world.xml work. Anyway...they used to. Suddenly something has happened and I cannot explain it. When I open the editor and I go to the Locations layer, the editor will spontaneously crash. First I thought I might have made an error somewhere and the information from the world.xml did not (somehow) correspond with pieces of script in the mission.xml. I continued removing all locations that (at that time) did not do anything or were no longer needed. I also removed all AI and vehicles that were, in some way or another, connected to these locations (location triggers heli with AI inside --> removed location, vehicle and AI). After making sure I removed everything that could remotely cause this error I fired up the editor again...I selected the Locations layer and it crashed again. For testing purposes I also fired up one of my older missions (based on a completely different map and no changes made to either the mission.xml or world.xml). That too crashed!! I would think the error is somewhere in the editor itself, but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong?! No changes were made to the 'core' files. I also re-installed the game, but that did not fix things!?!?!? Can anyone help with this? Ever experienced this? Any clues on where to look? Help is much appreciated!! Thanks, Spik@
  4. Does anyone here know of a way to manually override the numeric value of the "ScriptId" values generated by Igor? Experiencing several very annoying instances of Igor assigning a ScriptId which is already in use by another component. E.g. when creating a new plan it is given a unique IgorId together with a ScriptId already in use (by a zone etc.). While this does not seem to crash the game it does cause Igor to crash at times making it almost impossible to finish scripting the mission. Have run into this problem a number of times now, usually with missions using imported gtf scripts so there might be a connection. Anyone familiar with this issue? And are there steps to take to get around it?
  5. GRFS worked fine till i updated the GR drivers to the latest patch. I did a clean install of Windows 7/64 bits but even that is not working. i only got a pop up: "Device is removed: Device hung due to badly formed commands"! secondly I lost my cloud and my savegames. Is there a solution for these two problems? system
  6. Please help. graw 1 crashes when I kill someone or slide down the rope from helicopter. It started happening when I installed 3rd person mod. please help. Heres a screenshot: http://postimage.org/image/xttl9ybjv/ btw. I got v1.0. I just got the game today so I haven't updated it. Thanks
  7. After I finish the mission 'Tiger Dust' the score comes up and once I continue on the screen with the controller shows up. After that the autosave icon appears with a completley black background and soon after nothing happens. Its just a black screen. Its not my xbox cuz i can go onto the screen when u press the xbox button and also all other features of the game seem fine. Wats happening and what should i do?
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