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Found 5 results

  1. Me and my friend are trying to beat the game together with my new and final character before I go to ghost mode. I hope you enjoy the shots.
  2. Which bosses should i hunt and kill first is there a particular order to follow for the story so far i have killed so far i have taken down influence . I appreciate every answer
  3. Alrighty then... I'm on almost all the time so just add me if you wanna game. IM JC1991
  4. I just bought Ghost Recon on a Steam sale. I played through the first level and beat it in a few tries. The only problem is that every time I beat it (3 now) it takes me to a screen that says I've lost. It says all of my soldiers are dead, regardless of how many actually are dead. I clear out the camp and get a notification that I've finished that portion of the mission. I then head to the caves and clear them out and get a notification for that. Then I run up to the target and have him follow me back to the start of the level. Upon killing all enemies in the area, I simultaneously get notifications that I have completed the remaining two objectives (capturing the target and returning to the beginning). The screen slowly fades to black, and then I'm presented with the screen telling me I've lost. Because it is not allowing me to win this level, I can't even play any of the rest of the campaign. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello! Since we enjoy games that encourage team play we decided to pick up GRAW and play its campaign, and we're uploading it all on YouTube to share with any Ghost Reconistas out there. I played through the campaign back in 2006 and the others haven't played at all, so we're expecting some nasty surprises along the way. I don't remember much, I only vaguely recall that somewhere at some point there will be a chopper doing bad things. That will be fun. To keep things interesting and people on their toes we're playing each map only once, to avoid grinding our way to victory. We did two rounds of firefight mode to warm up to the game before taking on the campaign, because if you can slide then you're pretty much set to take on anything. So without further ado, here's how the first mission went.
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