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  1. Wait, what was the original concirn? Tink, I think I understand your point to a degree, but you aren't allowing any variables. I don't think its a good generalization . I do not agree that it is a generalization, first there are no variables imho. The only variables that could exist in this argument are ones of mediocracy. Consoles provide a NON-Competetive platform-can any start up compete with MS or Sony? No it is a non sequitor there is no argument. I hear a lot of griping about MS and their dominance in software technology, but we got here with the the help of a meriad of corporate middle managers making safe and mediodre choices. The console is a mediocre platform and qith mediocre games along with mediocre choices make UBI and such rich! In your console you have a USB port that is a lesser tech than Firewire from Apple-just becaude Intel the originator of USB had Market share, not superior tech and indeed nor performance. You all havr MS Operating systems only because MS made a bas copy of Lotus 123 and called it Excel-MS got sued and lost. Now we have a 360 with a power-pc chip, what the heck is that an IBM technology, one that you find in your Cisco, nortel routers as well as Apples machines of the past RISC? not CICS! Sony is going with a gutted Cell chip set! Also from IBM-great choice in my opinion, but it is not the 1997 vintage2200 io port tech, but the console crowd got their mediocracy! Intel is not going to win this battle, an electron is an electron is an electron, it has finite size so therefore making the chip internals will not and cannot win, the electron will brigde the connection within the transitor because it has finite size. Now we see Cisco buying Atlanta Scientific to get the "tv-cosole market" when does it stop-we PC players are in a short term period of really being screwed! The consoles are not mature enough to give us the MP/Co-op/Maching capability that we require,,require,,require to make us happy. I do not want to play a match and then have to log into my workstation-and yes it is not a pc and glome on a web posting site, or use it to ready a web cam to show how great a console is with my new game. It is really a great definition of technical and finacial masturbation-ok I know that the cell processor will win the desktop, but MS and IBM are squaring off for the battle that is 20 years in the making, yes OS/2 was better than DOS and much better that NT3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. Like I said in previous posts that Al Gore invented the internet, but I helped build it. CCIE, MCSE, CCNE, Nortel Certified. Again Sry for the mistypes but this is all left handed, due to a 3rd degree shoulder seperation. And yes I hate CDN after loosing every match ever played against you-lol Peace out NOX GR1 2001
  2. yes it was painfull, I have broke my elbow three times, dislocated my hip. sprained both ankles (in casts both times), torn both ACLs in left and right knees,,,,but this was the the most I guess it was so close to my brain that it set it off. I am a tough guy but the whole world closed down in my eyes to the size of a pint and all turned a really bright yellow! It was amazing--LOL
  3. What is funny is that while Al Gore was inventing the internet, I was building it and now I look at all the controls, or possible ways of responding and I am lost. LMAO I have been visiting this site from the earliest days-never posted until today, but emoticons? Where is the one that shows the proper emmotion for GR2/PC or the nevermind you "we are RSE" and Clancy sold all rights to his name and we now do consoles? How about go Bo go-yes I want that emoticon---GO BO GO! NO ranked servers right Bo? One man, One gun, and One Shot. Sorry for the mistypes got a third degree seperation of the mouse shoulder so I am one that is happy for the delay until MAY 2006
  4. Ok...now you have gone too far. Coors Light isn't beer, its an alcholic beverage, I will give you that, but it ISN'T BEER!!! Now Guinness, that is a beer!!! hehe ←
  5. I am with Tink. Let me just say that Tink and myself have a history of matching together. Tink is one of the best match getters anny clan could ever want. He would go far and wide and deliver every time. We southern boys like our guns, our girls and our country. Remember that this game was played by the Cadets at Westpoint-they took it seriously and Tink and I take it as a real training tool also. So all you kiddies, Northerners, Westerners grab your gun and come down here and get some. I got a home bound fed-ex sticker for your corpse. Peace Out NOX GR1 PC Shooter Circa 2001 You want my serial number? PS Tink and myself along with 15,000 other shooters would still be at it-if it was not for the Graphic intellect of the console crowd.
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