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  1. CJ-Yes in my opinion, but I hope that we have all learned the from UBI's financial masturbation-that what is refered to as GRAW MP.
  2. http://www.finnrappel.fi/fastropecolumbian.htm
  3. Getting back to grenades. Going flat footed in order to throw or, toss or drop a nade is not acceptable. This was the next great thing, well I thought it was, but firstman at the door tosses, and goes to the door jam, next guy in gets the shot. Well that is SWAT right BO-and that is a flash bang. I want to cook my nades!!!!
  4. Like I said the differenced are not reconciable!! I post under Consensus over a UBI, go read some, I predictesd that this game would have two version, on for the PS3 with all its wizz bang graphics and another for us scum bags (MP) players. I will say that a 16kb client is pretty cool, but the ghosts and bugs and other thing going on? Rectum and my head- The other day I took my boy to school, and we were late. When he finally arived at class the teacher said "why are you late" in reply he said " on the way to school my dad hit a dog in the ass with the car" she replied "OH my! tou cannot use that type of language young man" dumbfounded my son had not reply. The teacher perceiving this as an opportunity to show the class proper dictum said "ass is not a proper word you must use a word like rectum". Puzzled and perplezed my son relpied "rectum is damn near killed him"
  5. dude..that's possibly the most inane diatribe I've read on this forum. How about we just give the rest of the world back all the things they invented like oh I dunno, Democracy, cos you guys have done a bang up job of making it the laughing stock of international politics (those without sarcasm glands please realise I'm joking in much the same way I hope this OP is about his US-centric ######) Panic merchant much? BF2 a failure? What planet are you on? seriously thats a hilarious statement As for irreconcilable differences you need to pull your head out of your rectum and realise that there's a great many of us who dig where the game is going, how the support of GRIN is already showing us. Don't pretend to speak for the rest of us please. The US is the worlds oldest Democracy, and we listen to the Ancient greeks and did not adopt pure democracy, but a Federal democracy-you need some history and civics and when you get to advanced calculus and Economics-we can maybe talk.
  6. What do you mean we got our game? CO-OP is currently just as flawed as your adversarial (CO-OP is also a form of Multiplayer) Domination game. If CO-OP was what the CO-OP side of the community have been waiting for, it wouldn't be some sad 4 player limited game mode. UBI clearly didn't pay attention to the world around them when they made that brillant move. You think having restricted movement in "mission areas" is some CO-OP dream? How about the Captain is dead and too bad for the rest of you mentality? CO-OP servers on GameSpy are "grotesquely out numbered" because of the 4 player limit. I guarantee you it would not be so lopsided if CO-OP had 32 players. What if Domination was limited to 4 players, would you like it? CO-OP players are no happier than the adversarial players, in my opinion. We are all trying to make due with what we have until the Patches are all released. However with your thinking, I'd say the adversarial (Domination) GR:AW players are extremely happy. Afterall, you did point out that the "Co-op servers are grotesquely out numbered by MP server on GamesSpy". What are you trying to say here?!?! In the end, all I can say is you gave up too soon on GR:AW. The Patches...It's not even June yet and you threw in the towel. What if the Patches come out they fix all of your "MP" needs? I'll walk away from GR:AW if the Patches, modding tool and dedicated server files don't amount to much. However I'll give GRIN time to complete their huge task of Patching GR:AW. At the very least if GR:AW doesn't satisfy me, I'll keep it around until Armed Assault (developed by a Czech company) comes out. silent_op Well if what you write is the true state of CO-OP then we are both in the world of suckdoom. But I do disagree to your reference that my world and yours are equal-they are not! MP world runs yours by grace of dollars spent on title. RSE created a truley revolutionary game fro the internet, yes it was a 56k world. I purchased ISDN tp play, then cable, then DSL ,then Cable, then DSL and now have a 15Kmb down x 2mb up but do not have a game to play.
  7. Where did they get the babe-dawgs for E3, the blonde is ok but then again is my age.
  8. OK I agree, with the bugs in GR1 I was one of the original players, but UBI and GRIN knew in advance or maybe they did not (this is the management issue) tha MP was the first and most important playing type for the game. They instead gave us this GRAWP, it sucks and is a POS you cannot play nor match with it. They have had myriads of dollars and weeks to get it right but instead focused on Co-op...I know you frustration and anticipation but enough is enough..they have taken your and my money with only a promise. The money that built the franchise our money, yours and mine for a promise? Why did they not get even close-I could have accepted a close, but they are so far from an acceptable game it is pathetic and almost crimminal. Crimminal in that they knew our expectations, they knew the history, they knew the technology, and yet they sold us this POS for MP. I wanted to give them the at the realease of the demo the benefit of the doubt, but they lived up to all of the predictions of failure, and failed they have big time.
  9. We have come to the point of irreconcilable differences between the MP and non-mp gaming community. There is no way that MP game play can be made functional and complete in the next 30 days. Co-op you got your game, but you are and always have been the minority-but I do love you modders. I returned my copy tonight-there was no value in not being able to clan match the game. UBI and GRIN are negligent in not spending the first 6 months and the majority of funding of said time developing a game that started us off at the ending point of GR1. Co-op servers are grotesquely outnumbered by MP server on Games Spy, as they always have been-yes, co-op players are happy, but the vast majority of GR players are not. There is no way that this game can or even worse “would have ever been fixed†for MP clans. In fact UBI never intends or intended to make it a viable PC game. If they had their attention would have focused on the needs and wants of the 20,000+ or so MP players circa 2003-be reminded that was a nightly number, leaving out private, ASE and other servers. I believe that Games like GR and true FPS shooters should be developed in the USA not outsourced. My best analogy is Soccer, our women play soccer to a world class level, but US men gravitate to aggressive contact sport such as American Football and Hockey, we also play Baseball and Basketball. We need to take back our games- FPS and the Internet after all they are US made techs and you have mucked it up a bit. In the last ten years the US has off-shored many industries, but failures like GRAW are raising the awareness of getting it done right the first time. RSE or Red Storm Entertainment is a North Carolina based company, bought by UBI. Maybe UBI needs to release them? So if you are a European developer be forewarned that your biggest market is growing quite tired of failures i.e. BF2 and GRAW. Maybe it is perception, or a cultural difference we like human competition and you like the computer.
  10. I am a 9700 guy running low, but got 15x2mb. No that is not K small b or even KB. My bullets will shoot just as far and as accurate as the rest of you all's-like that US southern speak. Well we like our guns and our girls i.e "Eye Candy"-but we really like our guns. 5 years in the making now hard core GR is again available if you play it. Is it the game? Thanks GRIN, BO, Hansel and Greatle, Sven, Nord and Rolf Got my hotdogs and Yohoo (american substitute for PUCKO) got some creamy shrimps stuff as well-for fine Swedish dining. How mant bridges to Slaussen? Peace out NOX
  11. 2.6 800MHX FSB 4 gig RAM 9700 pro AWESOME! Think polling center, but huge and so many holes and cover spots! Great! If you like shooters you will love this game. Think peek! NOX
  12. Call your local FEX dist point and they can keep it off the local truck-all you do is go by and pick it up.
  13. Anyone know where I can get some PUCKO Got the Footlong hotdogs, plenty of mashed potatoes, some tortillas (yes I know but it is all I could find), and will even have some creamy shrimp stuff-but alas I only can Yahoo (American chocolate drink). So my demo party is all set-with some fine sweedish dining, I would eat some good Reindeer blood sausages-but Santa is late. Peace out NOX
  14. I am excited and pleased, I look forward to matching in Domination. Yes I agree that UBI made a huge error, but that is UBI, I got flamed because I expressed Rugbutts concern two months ago-yes Mathew Gerard I can read, but I do not feel like spelling your name correctly! UBI is going to loose people because of their terrible business practices, past, present and future. I am not sure if can get a squad up and running out of the line, but I will try, many folks have moved on and have really bad feelings because of the Console kiddies getting theirs and we had to wait. I liked playing SAR it was a hoot and this new DOM mod will match and will be a hoot also! I just like playing with my friends and the delay that UBI created with their mismanagement of this title is directly their responsibility. I was not going to buy this game a month ago, but GRIN's and especially BO's interaction with the forum convinced me otherwise-I beleive he has showed a good faith attempt to deliver, and as I have posted and let GRIN know without any doubt-that they have my support in this title and others with or without UBI-actually I am hoping without. Yes UBI you are going to get some of my money, but I hope you waste it on some fantastically stupid idea, but then again you come up with a new one every year. Thanks GRIN, BO, SVEN, Hansel and Gretel I will be buying three copies the day it is released! NOX
  15. Ok , I know what upload is needed to host a server but please someone tell me what connection is required to play game with all destructions on 32 server. ? I have 256/128 kbits ( 32/16 kB/s ) ← That won't handle a full 32 player server, possibly 9 players, based on your 1/4 of the quoted upload bandwidth. Ok ... one clarification please. Do i need 512 kbits upload to play MP ? or do i need 512 to host sever ? Cause i think there is not many people in Poland wih 512 kbits upload. I cant imagine that this conection is not enough to play infantry only MP game I can play BF2 32 servers with good ping (50-110) and everybody know how much is going on during a BF2 round - infantry shootouts, dogfights over this troopers heads, armor battles , tanks,APCs etc etc and all this on a Huge good looking map so pleae dont tell that this connection is to low to play GRAW MP ← You have enough to play
  16. I like it!! My server will be set to one respawn! PEACE OUT Thanks GRIN NOX
  17. NOX

    Poser Outting

    SpecOpps Briggs-if you need a contact to join I got one in NYC, he is a 20 year vet, and his name is 2nd Lt Honore. If you need more talk to me and I will do my best. NOX
  18. NOX

    Poser Outting

    In our own wisdom we can crucify for a mistake...to err is human but to forgive is devine. Ops cross over into the US and get a job in the US military, you are 24 and that is very young, I am 43 and very old, but there is a place for all of us. You will at the end of your service be accepted as a full time provider of the future for this country-and then you can tell everyone to kiss your ass. Get yourself an education and make the world an oyster, but if you sit up there in Toronto and rot then you will die a sad old man that had an opportunity to defend his country, even when it would not defend itself! NOX 1607 Madawaska Canadienne 1630 Bostonian MOM Canadienne and DAD Bostonian-yes after all the wars and 300 years we made it-and you can have your part in it also-if I was wrong then 20,000,000 Mexicans got it wrong also. Come get some of the good life-we need some good Canadiens-like my spelling of Canadians-just olde French.
  19. link ← Thanks Moose, I have not been privy to this photo in the past and will share it. NOX ← WK, SOG?
  20. link ← Thanks Moose, I have not been privy to this photo in the past and will share it. NOX
  21. Before English was English a language from the Noth or Norse, was the Nordic speak, even before German was a shared speak, Noth was spoken. Firsta man spoke VIKIN (Westfold) the VIKIN or Vikings influenced Northern European lanquage. All the way into Rouene just north of Paris (yes Danes but they got such good cookies). In fact the Anglo and Norman's had common ancestory-I will use my family the house of Johnson, of Mercia/SAXON (central England) and also of Bath/NORMAN) seperated by 980 of conquest but the same DNA. So it is VIKIN in the Norse, but Viking in the SAXON. By the way GRIN if it makes you Swede's happy we Johnson's made it and setteled North America in the 1630's. Peace out NOX
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