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  1. To beta, or not to beta: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer a game The round corner shots and hackers of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? To die LMS: to Dsiconnect and sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we play GRAW no more The heart-ache and the thousand software fixes That flesh is heir to, 'another game Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams of a better GRAW come When we have shuffled off this penchant of GRAW, Must give us pause: there's the respect That makes calamity of so long without [GR]; For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, UBI' wrong, the honest player's contumely, The pangs of despised love of [GR], the patches delay, The insolence of forums and the spurns That patient merit of the poster takes, When he himself might his quietus make With a bare nade? who would perfect FPS bear, To run and shoot under a weary game, But that the dread of something after [GR], The undiscover'd GRAW upgrade from whose bourn No traveller returns, puzzles the will And makes us rather bear those bugs we have Than fly to other games that we know not of? Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought, And enterprises of great beta test With this regard their honest thoughts of perfect FPS turn awry, And lose the name of action.-- Soft you now! The fair GRIN! Nymph, in thy fixes and patches Be all my [GR] matches remember'd.
  2. Botax is not a cheater. I have played with him! Westbutty calling Botax a cheater now is'nt that a Daisy!
  3. I refresh every 1.5 years, If you have a full copy of XP and not a retail refresh CD you can do it with out loosing good data or downloads. It just refreshes the windows directory and all you have to do is reinstall apps that you want-(remember do not format just re- install) if I am being to sophmoric and your skill has this in check- good! I appologize just needed to state (I hate loosing data never have and I do not want to help anyone to do as well-lol). If you have not already download MS defender, if you have already you will notice in control panel and new ICON "Software explorers" it is your first stop to get an idea of what is running on your pc. A refresh may not be necessary check it out-good stuff. Look at your currently running programs and networked connected programs-it is a good start if it is not an MS app find out and kill it. I have under network connected 1. messenger 2-5. 4 generic MS hosts 6. MS LSA 7. and defender That is it when the machine is idling. Currently running non published I have one Ageia-LOL! You can enable or disable from many of the sub menu's And then go to you control panel add remove and delete all not needed. Hope this helps-and does work to keep it clean, and you will get an eye for what should or more importantly should not be running. GS/HF NOX
  4. IF they get a free hand I am their Huckleberry.
  5. OH OH OH! I am a Camaro driver. For all you europeans let me expalin to you. CAMAROS eat Mustangs, I do not wnat to heat my FORD whiners you know it..MOre HP better handling and a MUSTANG is a chick car---ha ha! I have owned 2 stangs one 390 and a 84 302, good car high dollar per mile, they break. also owned a 71 Cuda 340 4 barrel and Cuda Blue. A Mercur and a couple of trucks. My current Camaro has 187,000+ miles on it, brakes, tune up, and a PCV-oil and stuff but that is it. Still do not burn oil and get 33mph. I drive Florida 90+ and at times 100+, if you have driven florida I am in your rear view-rubbin is racing, For all of you Europe folk the Autobahn is a day cruise-I have been, seen and done that. Even our surface streets are 75 and the cops do not care as long as you are not endangering other peeps. NOW 2009 Camaro is announced. What V8 can you buy for $35,000us can do 135mph everyday any day and you can take three friends with you? 325hp and 300ft lbs of torque. MAN OH MAN 2009 they will have a ZL9 limited edition 400+hp and 400+ft lbs pf torque. Add some NOx and you got a rocket, I like to rat race so cornering is my game and an American short block ride is the best. Line up the imports baby NOX got a whole lot of rubbin to do! I am totally stoked for the next gen Camaro-hey and I am 43... NOX
  6. Oh that is an even better "black" project. Yeager went to 124,500 in a series three century aircraft. 125,000 is space. guys like Carpenter and the other heroes of x-15 got their astronaut wings that way. Aurora was a Reagan project and moved from tonopah to UTAH, it is operational. It leaves a contrail like a "cigar smoker puffing smoke rings" due to its engines and its optics are legendary. All you in England can see them at dusk if you watch-the base name starts with an "M".lol eye strain F-4 Phantom is good at 20,000 and 10miles out, Aurora is clean to the skin and good at 80,000ft +30 miles. Kelly Johnson was the man with the SR-71 and not to forget the YF-12A, but the new breed are re-writing the books-though we will not be able ot read them for a while. Here is some trivia, the US space program (even the shuttles) for years used 8086 chips because even with shielding had the possibility of data corruption due to solar electrons bridging the circuits. But to get back to original topic Highjack http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/te...gle_020805.html Even though the repost mentions Scott AFB, a KC Refueler base, WHITEMAN AFB is very near.
  7. Ha ha I used to tell =wWw= that they had no clue,, "huh what" they said and I told them "lets go out into the woods for seven days" and as they played sniper I would sit in my hole eating ants and bugs and "stuff" and on the 6th day I would come out and eat them. I think Hanks got it about right I had a good friend in New York City He never called me by my name just HillBilly My GrandPa taught me to live off the land And his taught him to be a business man He used to send me pictures of the Broadway Night And I'd send him some homemade wine But he was killed by a man with a switch blade knife For forty three dollars my friend lost his life I'd love to spit some Beechnut in that dudes eye And shoot em' with my ole 45 Cause a country boy can survive Country folks can survive Born and raised an old New Englander Peace out NOX From RAINY Tampa Florida Home of Central Command
  8. HA HA HA that was almost appropriate but you got me out of character. Think "onion drive" NOX Do not forget that four policemen from 4 towns folloed it at low speeds it was at tree top levels, basically outside the fences at Whiteman AFB. They followed it for 4 hours and then it took off. Whiteman AFB do you need a goolge on that it is home of 100% of the B2 Spirits and other assets. This is not science fiction, but the science of yesterday. Imagine being able to move a building, or transporting heavy lift across the globe in a matter of hours,. Like ROCO said he did not like armor dropping on his head and it might indeed prove to be a reality in the next 20 years. NO more satelites why? you do not need them when you can orbit at 140,000 feet, and any country that wants nukes-great we got a rail gun, tha tshoot these really cool little ceramic pellets at 150,000mph and you cannot do a damn thing about it. I do not like your SAAB,,ten thousand little holes and she runs no more. Cannot kill that which you cannot see nor reach at 140,000 ft I am for a 4x defence department allocation. NOX I may own a little yellow bus, but I did score in the top 5% in my SAT's, and one of the highest ever in the asvab prior to AFROTC, and after that well???-they will call, before they knock so I can put my pants on because my DSS is still valid. Just a games forum talking about little green men and stuff.
  9. By the way, due the net code, lag or whatever it is, the player that is on the move always wins in close combat situations against a stationary player. Above Quoted from Paeace AFZ I respect your play. Do you think, really, that this statement is true. My response is not a doubt nor an attempt to be contrary, just would like to know. I know that in [GR] "if you lean and you get cleaned", and have at times felt that being ultra-agressive, in GRAW, was a solution to the naders and it does work, but how can we clean it up? peace is a thinker and maybe he has some words to share with us, and by the way in game play he aint peacefull.
  10. If you add a jump key I will walk over all of your 53 or so bridges all the while drinking gallons of PUCKO and when I find the office of GRIN/UBI will go PUCKO. Then I will find a kiosk and have on of those dogs with mashed potatoes and that creamy shrimp stuff. Get to Sweeden my friends=PUCKO and hotdogs!
  11. ROCO? BF2 ... LMAO!!! now there is a true title after there last patch to put in the microwave. When commanders are dropping tanks on people i think tactical goes out the window. At least Graw is getting better, not worst. What do you have against heavy lift-they got a job to do? On the side watched a UFO program the other night, I do not believe in little green men, and account all UFO's to natural or man made phenomenon (military). Heavy lift hydrogen in a craft whose skin has zero, or near zero, static resistance or flow can attain near perfect attitude and lift due to lack atmospheric friction. A craft that is the size of a building, floated at near buoyancy via hydrogen cells, and with a russian style metal cooled nuclear reactor-that shoots plasma through a magnetic gun. and viola you have the ability to bend gravity waves and your transport is akin to a lemon seed that you squeeze between your fingers. I am totally serious on this post. It was not a UFO (alien craft the aliens would have called a long time ago using Radio or magnetic pulses along time ago) and was observed by four seperate police forces that cojoined the very sensitive Whiteman AFB Mo. (top secret and of home of the B2 Spirits and other things). The same triangular craft made famous in x-files but much larger was observed over pheonix AZ south of another base "" I am not a liberty. MY DSS is still good ...right?....ok guys this is just hypothesis in a games forum, call before you knock I want to put my pants on-ok? Just trying to hijack the thread, but serious about the tech. NOX
  12. I am a forum trole. How do you spell troll? A big blue troll seeking questions to answers. I am on the verge of bringing a dead clan back to life-resurrection. I guess I am not a troll, but a healer. On the quest to bring back a [GR] Clan I have found that casting spells upon GRIN and fan BOIS, or is that BIOS? has helped me realize that I am indeed a demi-god, these sermons (or posts that I give you) are enlightenment as to how the old world was and could be again! My self-enlightenment is magniloquest but yet supplicatory, my spells on GRIN magnificent. HELP I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY WOW NOX
  13. I am not one for fancy game play or visuals so take it as is. I like the grit, they got the theme right. I like the large maps. I like the weapon recoil. I like the damage model, but want more to slow down run and gun. They are trying at GRIN. UBI's pockets, keep sending the checks to Bo. (UBI's duty not GRIN's) GRIN reads this Forum in the morning. Time to reload is good. Nade fragmentation is accurate. Running is good, but should slow over sprint time. Pack weight is good and effects ability. Sound is to good-it is almost superman, too easy to absorb-fog of war?
  14. Matter of fact why not create net code for MATCHING-take this to UBI. Create distributed code for intra-clan, all clients of a clan are using distributed code- the host server would be itself a client of the distribution. Members of the clan or group distribute task and then communicate to the opposiing clan via the clan gateway or " clan server" Only the servers one from each clan would pass data "inter" all cheats could be captured here. And if one clan is out of spec at the client level only that clan suffers ie bad configs and high pings or cheats-or yiu will loose until you fix it. Your TCP would be be between the two servers and NO wide area UPD, many clients to one relationship. We know that object are not tracked via TCP, I can move cans and you see them as they were at map start (thanks ROCO) so you are using UDP and your physics are srewed. NOX
  15. WOW I did not see this, and hope that you made a mistake. 32X what? What is What for the lask of a, GRIN advised WHAT!, if what is =128x32 then it is <than what we got. And is not 512 as stated in the game briefs on release. NOW if WHAT is =to <50ms then we have a memory demand per socket request of 16k (memory I could be wrong) How many open sockets are you requesting visa vie client/server on top of UDP? Can we decrease from 8k and 200ms on TCP-which I think you are you using for chat and game stats? sockaddr_in or is that MSG_PEEK greetings to GRIN NOX
  16. No it should not cause a problem even after the puter has been on for a while-your speed pad and graphics are or should be on time active. For any one else reading these post I want to add some more. 1. Dump your internet security suite-it filters ip packets for intrusion detection, unless you are using your pc to do buz related tasks or host a home based web server or such on your pc..(any thing that you are serving to remote users) And use XP's native firewall-a caveat when you uninstall Mcafee it is going to screw with Winsock, but http://www.spychecker.com/program/winsockxpfix.html has a decent product that can correct AD ware or third-party screwing with your registry. 2. Dump 3rd party spy ware apps and download Defender Beta 2.0 from Microsoft it is free and unlike Ad ware is not a hack infest-and can be easily disabled during game play-I am working on a registry que that will automatically turn off Defender and MS firewall when GRAW is running. Again http://www.spychecker.com/program/winsockxpfix.html if you have problems after uninstalling. 3. If you are wireless and can run a patch cord to the router do it. 4. If you have cable modem and have more than two splitters between the puter and data source-pair em down or invest in gold plated components. 5. DSL and PPP? I will try to have more about this later. Roco has some good insight into buz class DSL. 6. If you have a $10.00 nic get an INTEL-or 3com, but this is vendor bias on my part-I used to love SMC, but after 95 beta 8 (August of 94) they screwed me and I cannot let it go, but they got some good stuff, and have a bunch of people that are smarter than I-I hope! The drivers alone with a major are worth their weight in gold-there are some really high end nics out there aimed at gamers, and I would shy away due to overkill but if you got a server go for it. 7. If this game is not loading and you got the minimum specs, reload XP-it is not the game but your puter, and do not go pop culture with your PC ie MP3 and that crap use it for what it is a game machine-I have to repair family member machines and hate pop on data. Hard Core [GR] and yes [GR] was coded for use with modems and did not rely on the OS-so maybe it was better. (sorry not a dig but an observation of the work that was required on net code back in the day of modems, now it is easier but bloated-I hate bloatware.) I really hate cpu ut at 97+%. Keep up the good work GRIN NOX Riding on my little yellow bus looking for the bus stop!
  17. I think it is more like the movie "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks. Will the marriage survive? Keep up your efforts GRIN, No one is ever happy with the Dentist, IT guy, Tax Collector, or Software Developer-but all are needed!
  18. POw_lightspeed Caught me I made a mistake in my instructions to the DLL clearer. Here are correct instuctions. Create shortcut on desktop and browse to C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe After it is created right click it and go to properties Past the below in to "target" %windir%\system32\Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks Paste the below into "Start in" %windir% It searchs through XP and any DLL that has not been used I think default time is 3 minutes and just clears them from the OS, it will help with stability and speed. If you open task manager and click on the icon if it is set up correctly you will see a rundll32 appear monetarily(in processes) and the disapear and means that it flushed correctly. If it is not working message me back with your e-mail in the post and I will forward a copy that you can drop on your desktop. Regards NOX
  19. Those pings are weird!! Oh I agree that UDP has a place on the internet, all of the Voice over internet phone systems you will find in corporations use UDP for voice as well as three other TCP controler ports. I went back and loaded GRAW went to the internet games menu and then verified CPU% and it ws pegged at 99%, the only time is fluctuated is when taskman updated-it is set yo real time. Your ping variation from inside graw vs the desktop-when you ran your ping request tou were probably using CMD and it is also a real time interface to the server in XP so by default has priority over the desktop and so and so forth until you get to GRAW. That 12 or 13ms variation is WINSOCK or better GRIN's API call to WINSOCK. Since the CPU is pegged there is no overhead for the call to take place. So you see elevated pings from within the game browser. Now get into a server with a lot of peeps and blam, and as I posted before both XP and NT server (yes it is all NT-lol) only have by default 200ms to reply. So if any of the TCP controls GRIN is utilizing to track client state run over this figure you WILL and I mean WILL smack ###### packets and the buffers, both on XP and Server will fill up because there is no CPU and they cannot catch up. I like curve ball pitchers, but round that take a hard right around a building-only tell my that my visual lock on bad guy is way way way off and this is really not so good. I have dealt with this before in the MS server world, all MS servers that get to 95% can start to strain, Some of the servers will smack ###### packets all day at 80%. Fortunately for me most all apps I deal with use TCP and thus will try to put packets back together and do a ACK when necessary to keep things going. sockaddr_in or is that MSG_PEEK greetings to GRIN NOX
  20. How did you test this? And again UPD TCP are both on the same level of the OSI-and both are serviced by Winsock, as well as every..every...every ip based program i.e. Cleint server. Winsock is and always will be in the MS world the connector to the OS and Application layer, from the stack. I keep pointing you back to the OSI, but you keep on dodging it.
  21. PINGS Schmings. but you are right it matters as mutch about where you sit as what you got Angel check your splitters-if you have more than two a trip to radio shack to replace them, I have 15x2 cable and requested buz class splitters when they installed it-just higher quality components less noise. PINGSCHMING Try sending 8k packets to a loaded server during game in progress. 8k is the set default for a UDP packet-"datagram". Well I guess I would rather play a time sensitive game with error control-I may only be able to play with 16, but I would rather match a game that people can trust semi-visually. I do not like being shot around corners, it means that my visual on bad guy is way off-how can you play a game like this consistently-unless you want to play a noob nade spawn fest. And if you look back at the OSI you will note that both UDP and TCP are on the same level and both use WINSOCK-thus both suffer the burdened server syndrome. Also if Winsock is having problems, you better be using UDP, because it would really suck dead dogs if you did try to use "real" net coding solutions other than an ugly unreliable catch all like UDP. I really do not like tracing packets coming in on a protocol that was intended to be used by such things as DNS-lol. Do not take it all as negative. The net code is pretty darn good when the server is under 10. I like it as accurate as possible-give me next gen netcode, really big maps, great ballistics, and keep the physics (for now). I like matching and not public play, makes me even pickier than the next guy-that is my problem not GRIN's, but I am [GR] and like the ladders. Given the need to compete I need the guys I play with to be thier best-but sometimes they got higher pings or rigs that are having trouble with winsock-this is not only a server issue but a workstation issue as well and all points to really high CPU utilization. Sockets are what they are. NOX All I am saying is give "Sc.P'c" a chance-it is time sensitive with error control
  22. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...st&p=408329
  23. I thought GRIN and UBI were going to use something other than UDP I thought I had read SCTP, but they chose UDP and TCP. We have no idea of what is flowing where at this point, but given game developers propensity to take the easy way out in regards to Net code-I think that they are using more UDP than TCP. Before I am called a critic-let me explain a little of what UDP is. 1st it is an "unreliable" protocol the "stack" OK lets look at the OSI layer-when it comes to networks this is the order of operation-no and's, if's, or buts about it. Application (7) the user-level protocol Presentation (6) optional data formatting layer Session (5) maintains any logical conversation Transport (4) determines which the program on the host will receive the packet; may also handle congestion control, reliability, etc.; e.g. TCP or UDP Network (3) host addressing, determines destination computer of the packet; e.g. IP Data Link (2) hardware addressing; e.g. the Ethernet frame Physical (1) the network interface, cabling, etc We are on number 4 and some 3, but more 4. OK UDP is not a "reliable" in quotes not because it is an opinion that I have, but is a descriptor from the technical community. UDP-makes no attempt or effort to handle data discrepancies. if a packet sent from your computer to the server or visa versa, and is lost it is just forgotten-a big OH WELL! If corruption occures in the packet-a big OH WELL and it is dropped-but that was the big game winning head shot packet-I can see you saying OH WELL! Another really cool thing happens when someones connection is faster than yours, they may be closer to the server have bigger internet pipe, or fewer config problems (not running the wrong firewall that is filtering on the winsock ports)-his packet gets put in front of yours-and when you get shot by that guy that ran past you or is around the corner-I know you are saying OH WELL! These "packets" I really should be calling the Datagrams the "D" in UDP, can also be lost, thrown out ignored, orphaned and abandoned-utterly abused castigated and Humiliated-when the servers buffer is full. You ask how does this happens-well in the windows world, we use Winsock. Here is some more really technical stuff-it hurt my head at one time as well-so here you go! Winsock application (GRAW) Winsock API (GRAW ASKING WINDOWS) Specific implementation of Winsock (WINDOWS) Protocol stack API (WINDOWS Asking internet Protocol) Protocol stack (TCP/IP, UDP, SPX/IPX eieio asking NIC) Hardware driver API (someplace in your machine) Hardware driver (over at the neighbors having a beer trying to forget all this stuff) Networking hardware (Ethernet NIC, WiFi card, modem, etc.) Communication medium (DSL/CABLE/T1 to the big white cloud "al gore") OK back to Winsock-hey is starts with win so it gotta be good, and it's got the socks, just like it's brother sockets over in the UNIX house-why is it causing trouble? Well when you take 2000 server or 2003 server and drive it up to 95+% utilization, the communication buffer fills because the CPU has no free cycles to spare to clear it. Buffer fills up, you see pings registering really high and you say "hey you the guy with the modem get lost", but his connection may be a T-1 in reallity" You may be in a server and playing with 10 peeps and 2 more show up and then lag, cheater, hacker-how come you can run and shoot me?-OH WELL!. I started with the statement "I had read that SCTP was to be used", it is a newer protocol. TCP/ip is 50 years old? UDP is pretty old as well. SCTP or even RTP would have given the stability found in TCP and the "open ways" of UDP. OH WELL! All caused by a huge conspiracy called the OSI model- There is a "Microsoft tweaks" strand I started I did not realize that this post string was here or forgot that it was. I am trying to get grin to help us understand this a little more especially how they implemented winsock and timing issues with MTU (this alone can crap packets big time) and other things that I am percieving. We can make some changes at the server level to help with IO and Buffer Performance, but we need more input. By the way dedicated files will not help unless they can get the code to stop these high Utilization percentages-winsock will still have to wait until the cpu can get to it. Ah well! things are better than a month ago, and looking up. MS Vista is coming and our OSI layers 3&4 are going to really get an upgrade, code named "Chimeney" I hope UBI is paying attention (and our friends at Gamespy-wink wink nod nod). NOX Looking aimlessly for the keys to my little yellow bus!
  24. Hey GRIN! One of the troubleshooting posts directly place PPP in the mix in regards to DSL disconnects. So Winsock is showing its ugly head. There are other posts, thanks to ROCO over at AFZ (a great community I may add) found better performance by backing off 512 to 256. I have read other posts that sound like third party ie Norton and McAffee security suites that have hosed up Winsock-never mind spyware and Firewalls and all kind of other misc. Many in the community have SOHO at MTU=1500 and nics at 536-this with Winsock will cause packet problems and thus disconnects. I do not need to remind you that we are averaging over 94% CPU utilization, so our servers cannot respond in the 200 milliseconds window-or I must rephrase find it hard to believe that they could at near 100% CPU Ut. How are you handling ACK? Ditto on MTU in your test environ are you Cisco 3000+, running gig ethernet. Your internal MTU would be 1500, and not the 536 most of the guys are XP'ed at. We cannot expect anyway near a 3ms ACK reply-so do we rebuffer to lets say 100ms. Can we change from 8 to say 5 on packet? Caviat to any one that uses a MS server hosting and thing other that pure file server adjusting buffering can and will cause apps to fail X-change being the first. Some of the symptoms in the tech session here sound like a server SYN flood-I hope you get what I an saying. I have seen posts regarding "Stats" reporting on players and servers becoming unstable-it sounds like Winsock to me. ROCO are you ISA? You got x-change running on 2003 full or SBS? And or do you have SMS Loaded? At 80% CPU that box must be logging packet recoalecing. the default is 536 on the WAN but your internal NIC is like 1436. If you are routered via Cisco or are you Wellfleet (Nortel) all you old timers know what I am saying, you are 1500 MTU. A PROXY/ISA is by default and the best case for Winsock2 tracking. What I am getting at is what theef alluded to he said something like this "stick to servers that your ping is close to" If we need to readjust for slow return time ACK acknowledgement because of buffering and latency-then so be it, so Admins on splash can warn high pingers out side of adjustment they can expect disconnects. Perfect world is return <3ms that would by 24kb for each client per socket request-or something like that. Modem Boy, I am not a WINSOCK programmer, I am not a programmer, I will never be a programmer, I never wanted to be a programmer. Regards NOX Grin sorry I had an ADHD moment. Gamespy in the past (2004) had problems with Winsock. Still in my little yellow bus driving around! NOX
  25. Oh is that what he bit on-well I was an OS/2 guy for a couple of years prior to that. Seen one 32bit multitasker and you have seen them all-except OS/2 was far better than NT3.0 Question for GRIN regarding disconnects and ICMP handling visa vie "Black hole" routers. How do you handle MTU? And have you got a beta of Vista, does Chimney help? In regards to XP firewall and Soho routers do we need to reconfig for ICMP error handling to renegotiate MTU?
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