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  1. lol. not a bad idea. No hard feelings Newman. Its all good.
  2. This is a little silly. People who prefer PC games prefer them because of elements in the games themselves or in interfacing with the games that are most often more to their tastes on PC's than on console games. If a particular console game presents those elements beautifully, should a PC gamer NOT play/enjoy that game because of fealty to a platform? If you're answer is NO, that person should remain loyal to the PC hardware, that's not "diehard" as much as it is blind fanaticism. In fact, most of us have been making fun of the Apple people for that sort of blind fanaticism for years. --Logos ← I am amazed it took 3 pages for someone to finally see the point I was trying to make. However, I never said a PC gamer should NEVER play a console game. People keep takeing my words out of context. What I said was I am tired of people saying they are "dedicated PC gamers" (their words not mine) but in the same breath say they like the console more. Maybe in my origional post I didnt make that clear and I am sorry for that, but You cant have 2 favorites. It just doesnt work that way. I have a console and play some games on it. Some are better on it then on PC. I admit that. But in the end I am a dedicated PC gamer. If I had to choose between the two it would be PC. Thats the point I am trying to make. As for the beer comparisons, you can not compare beer to beer. Thats like compareing 2 PC games. You would have to compare beer and moon shine. However we are not compareing beer to beer or beer to moonshine or even PC to console. I am talking about the users of the system, not the system itself. To jchung....can you show me a quote where ANYONE sais that all console gamers want only run-and-gun games? Finally, I see many of you saying that people have a right to their opinion and we shouldnt bash them for having one. Have you read what you typed to me? I said in my origional post that it was just my opinion. Practice what you preach or dont preach at all.
  3. I flat out said I was just talking smack to fuel the fire and you keep giveing me reason too? ← then shut up! how much more retarted can you get? ← FUEL!!!
  4. I flat out said I was just talking smack to fuel the fire and you keep giveing me reason too?
  5. My point got lost in their minds long ago. They just want to bash anything I say now so I figured I would keep fueling the fire.
  6. OK so by that reasoning, I can be a Methodist, Baptist, Prespitarian, Catholic, and devil worshiper all at the same time. Yah makes sence to me now. Thanks.
  7. You've lost all your creditbility right there, unless you have no clue who Rocky is, which I doubt. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but all the nonsense console bashing, and anything not l337 PC gaming bashing, is getting tiring. ← Im not bashing consoles. I have a PS2 and play some raceing games on it. However, I hate people saying they are diehard PC gamers but they love the console just as much or more. It just doesnt work that way. whats so hard to understand about this? And no I dont know who Rocky is. It doesnt much matter either. He could be the GOD of all GODs . Dont read things into what I say. Theres no hidden meaning.
  8. I guess you think Rocky is a "sellout" then? He's enjoying the console version, so according to you he, among other people aren't "diehards". Ok whatever. People can have fun however they choose, and you have no right to tell them they aren't "PC diehards". ← If he is playing to pass the time then fine. If he is playing because he likes the console as much or more then PC then he is not a diehard fan. Simple and easy.
  9. Iggy, what are you 12? If you dont have anything constructive to add then keep your mouth shut. I dont need a spelling lesson on my first post. What a jerk.
  10. I am growing more worried every day as I read the posts from people in many different forums. I am a dedicated PC FPS type. I started out playing the origional R6 many years ago. Now with all the hype obout consoles, and the WW2 run and gun shooters, I have become concirned about the future of the games I have come to love playing. Here are a few thoughts. 1. I have seen countless "Diehard PC" players saying they love the console version of a particular game as much as or more so than the PC version. Possibly staying with the console. If this is the case, then IMO you are not a Diehard PC player. We play the PC version for a reason. If I must explain why then consider yourself NOT a diehard PC player. 2. UBISOFT, BestBuy and GGL are already talking of CASH prizes for the game. This leads me to believe that the console version is much more important than the PC. If they wanted to push sales for the PC then they would delay the tourney for a few months. 3. The description on the tuouney page...here...says "run-and-gun through..." Since when is a tactical game "run-and-gun"? I have played run and gun games...AA, BF2, MOH:AA, UT2004...I dont like them. There are no tactics involved. I want my GR back. I want the 2 hour matches where it comes down to a 1v1 where each player is looking for the perfect position to take the final shot. I want to not be able to sleep at night because the game was so intense that it got my nerves all wound up. And Finally I dont want to hear how a game made for PC is now better on console!! Just my rant weather you agree or not. Tink
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