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  1. I appreciate the reply. Just for clarifacation, I can just copy the current GRAW folder and rename it say "GRAW Single Player" and I can modify any file in there and just use the exe file in there for single player and use the original as multi? Excuse my ignorance on this matter.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been covered. I appologize, i've been away for a while. Last I played GRAW months back the anti-cheat for multiplayer kept me from using modded skins and models that I liked using. Is there anyway to have two isntalls for GRAW, so i can use one for Mutli player and one for single player? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
  3. This is definately cool. I reformated the computer almost a month ago and I never isntall GRAW since then, this just made me intereted in it again. Thank you sir
  4. WHOA WHOA WHOA......hold up on the reformat! I think there is hope still maybe. My little brother was crying because he couldn't play Hitman Bloodmoney cause I told him not to install DirectX 9. Out of curriousity, I googled "Hitman Bloodmoney vista beta 2". I ended up on a forum and it suggested to install the newest Dirext X Version. So I tried it out, and of course his Bloodmoney started up fine and actually played well. Kicked him off the computer and tried out GRAW. Maybe its just a placebo effect, but I swear it plays a whole lot better. You might want to give it a try before you give it the ole reformat. Link to DirectX http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.as...isplayLang%3den Let me know what you think Hey. The consensus say that the 64 Bit version is definately a lot workse than the 32 Bit version. I was about to do the same thing when I read that pretty much everyone on the 64 Bit version is having more issues than the 32 Bit Version. Plus the lack of drivers is even worse. Just thought I'd give you the heads up, you might have better luck though.
  5. I just reinstalled Vista because I wanted to do some tweaks to it. So I started off with a clean install and did not install DirectX 9. Game performance remained horrible. I really think it's a driver issue with the card though. I'm not a power user. Mostly Internet, some gaming, Office and Photoshop use. I haven't installed photoshop yet, or NERO. Pretty much if Photoshop and Nero work okay, I might keep Vista in it's current partition. I still have my older XP Pro Install, so it's not a full loss. I'll wait a while and maybe new drivers would come out and solve the issue.
  6. I just installed Vista Beta 2. Installed GRAW with all the patches and also installed nVidia's latest Vista drivers for my 7800GTX. End result is not good. Game runs very choppy, textures and shadows turn black all over the place. I'm thinking it's a driver issue. Good question about DirectX. I installed it but I'm trying to figure out how to uninstall it. Maybe that could be the problem. If you come up with any tips or solutions please post it on here. Thanks
  7. I appreciate the help, I'll try that when I get home.
  8. I'm having some issues with changin colors of rifle. When I change the colors of the rifle, it's only the rilfe in my hand in first person view that is changed. Any of the other players/ghosts that has the same rifle is left unchanged. Basically I changed the color of the SCAR to be dark grey, but only the SCAR that I'm holding is dark grey, and everyone elses is still the brown color. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Any help on this would be great
  9. I'm definately new to skinning, but I've used them for a long time for games likes Counter-Strike. I would reallly love to change the color of my the weapons within the game and maybe get into actualy skinning of character later on. But I'm new to this and needing some help with which files I need to open in Photoshop and how to manipulate them in photoshop. I have Photoshop CS, and I've unbundled the Data folder to a folder on my desktop so that just in case I mess something up, I don't end up messing up my install. Could someone walk me through what files within the extracted bundle I need in order for me to edit the color of weapons? Any help on this is greatly appreciated
  10. I did this just yesterday. I came home from work yesterday morning and played GRAW a little bit online. Started noticing little artifacts on the screen. Fired up Riva Tuner and recorded my Temps 75C. Exited the game checked to make sure Fans were working, and they were. Unplugged everything and opened her up. Checked the Zalman cooler on the video card, and the fins were clogged up with dust! Gave it a quick cleaning and started her up. Never went higher than 49C on an OCed 7900GTX...NICE! Gonna break the whole PC down thursday and reapply the Arctic Silver on both the CPU and GPU cooler and clean out the case.
  11. CPU: AMD 64 3700+ @ 2.75GHz GPU: eVGA 7800GTX RAM: 2GB Crcucial Ballistix @ DDR500 Drivers: Extreme-G 84.56v2 Settings: Resolution : 1280x1024 Texture Quality: Medium Texture Filtering: Anistropic 8x Effects Quality: High Dynamic Shadows: Off Dynamic Lights: Off Post Effects: High EAX: Disabled Audio Quality: Medium TWEAKS: Texture Management (XML): All set to TRUE Max: 71 Avg: 48 Min: 17 Notes: The FPS count was done on the second mission, up until before the second checkpoint. I can run the resolution at 1600x1200, with not much to no noticeable jaggies, but Avg. FPS drops down to low 30s. I should be ordering another 7800GTX in two weeks time I hope.
  12. Oh, I completely understand that it is not the majority of 360s having problems, but the fact that it has been very publicized that 360s do fail, the two retailers I have dealt with have not given two friends of mine grief about asking for an exchange or replacement. Not trying to say the 360 is a lemon at all, the public has just made it sound so severe, that retailers have taken note to this and the ones I've dealt with have been very cooperative with exchanges. Out of the 12 Systems that I know of among friends, only two have had issues, and they were taken care of at the retail storefront so there was not much waiting.
  13. If you just purchased the console and your having what seems to be the console crashing issues, I'd bring it back tot he store for a quick exchange. It's a known fact that there are a good number of 360s crashing. Most stores should not give you grief about exchanging it, bring the game with you and demo the problem to them, hopefully you can dupliate the problem. Good luck
  14. I'm using a dell 26" HD LCD, and running the VGA feed with the native 720P resolution. I didn't want to spend too much on a bedroom LCD and the dell looks really good for the money. After calibration with the AVIA disk it looked great. The360 is setup in my room, so I can't have a large screen. If you don't mind the weight and have a sold platform to put it on, I'd reccomend the Sony 34 inch XBRs. Definately the best picture in the Tube market for that size. 34" is not too small and not too big either. I've tried the 360 on my 60" Grand Vega with the full Mirage and Deonon Surround sound going. The surround sound is definately nice, but I just don't like gaming on big screens. The Grand Vega picture wsa definately amazing, but big screens and gaming just is not my cup of tea. If your looking for a good 32" LCD, I'd go with the Samsung. Great LCD screen, nice contrast ratio, and good response time. Again only reason why I didn't go for a great LCD screen was because the LCD I'm using is mainly just for gaming. I would have spend the money on the Samsung if I really wanted a great set.
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