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  1. Just ask, don't boot, most players understand and leave. Just kicking them is stupid, kick them if they refuse to leave simple. Also make sure you the host assign's teams otherwise you get the joker who keeps pressing "Y" to switch teams avoiding you kicking them.
  2. It's especualy noticeable at Treasury at those ramps, it's mental you have 3 gunners at the top wasting them all and all of sudden 2 guys just appear ahead of you and shoot you. In fact there was this one moment when 1 rebel appeared behind us and grenaded us from nowhere. We know he didn't come from the other ramp as there was 2 of our team watching it. Funny as hell to see though, they're like roadrunner !! *Beep beep* *BAAAAANNNNNNNNG!!!* *Beep beep* lol
  3. I had to get a new pic of it as the last one just didn't do it any justice and GRAW, PGR3, Condemned etc... look absolutely fantastic, but I have to say some of the TV's in this thread are unfricking believably stunning !! Absolute quality and making me jealous.
  4. Diab

    GRAW Vids

    I will see if I can get some of those pics for you, be tricky and need to be quick to grab it with the camera but I like a challenge (btw the video of chapter 11 shows the rocketman doing a very good job with orders and his own free will also), until then though here's some multiplayer coop pics. Not the best quality but then I was trying to avoid being shot and take a pic at once ! Multiplayer
  5. Diab

    GRAW Vids

    Sorry for the posts in a row and I also tried adding these to the first post but there seems to an image limit so here you go and all in thumbnail form. All from Mission 1
  6. Agreed on that, in fact I died most in the 2nd mission with the chopper, the other 2 were relatively easy compared to that one.
  7. Ok here you go: [GRAW: Final mission, this supposed to happen ?] - 45Mb
  8. 32mins and counting. ...strange go down the left nothing happens except normal firefight, go down the right and somehow he get's blown up. umm ...ok.
  9. I just repeated this and caught it on video, anyone want to see this ? ....or is this meant to happen ? Cause it seems a major strange way to go seeing as what he's done and how you really want to get him and kick his ass.
  10. This is mine, it's a Samsung 32" HD LCD. (dodgy camera phone pic)
  11. Diab

    GRAW Vids

    Hmm I just finished compressing my other vid, same quality as the final mission and it's almost 180Mb for 11mins !! Yikes. Might split it in 2 parts. Oh and Lys I'll get some more pics up for you soon.
  12. I know that's not it as my Rocketman died, all I have is 2 gunners plus they were ordered to stay behind cover and were showing as "Holding position". Plus no shot had been fired so they weren't in Assault mode either.
  13. Okay sorry about the elaborate title but I just jumped on and started to continue my campaign and I'm at the very last part and I have been killed several times here so I know it's difficult (Hard level) but the strangest thing just happened and I don't knhow if it's supposed to or if it's a very strange bug/glitch. I'm at the section where you run upto the Plaza to take on Carlos and his soldier elite and like several times before I have run up and scoped the area trying to find the best place to take out all the machine gunners and also to be able to watch my flanks but on this time I decided to check the other side out. Now here's the strange part, I was killed in the previous try because my contoller just wouldn't do anything to move my ghost but the controller's fine as I could Pause, tactical map, switch weapons, order my team etc.... Anyway an enemy ran upto me and just took me out. So I retry but this time go down the right side, order my team to hold behind cover, scope the building, same enemies everywhere but I go back without firing a shot into the middle section. I then hear a load of the "Mexicana" language being said and again without a single bullet being fired by me or the enemy Carlos died !! I heard an explosion, saw the small movie play and he was dead !! WTH !!? I paused it right after this before it saved as I want to kill him not some bug/glitch, anyone else had this ? DAMN it just gave the achievement as I reloaded my Last save which is funnily enough where I have started from numerous times heading towards the Plaza so how could I have killed al his soldiers, killed him, located the football without firing a single shot at anyone in the Plaza. http://live.xbox.com/en-GB/profile/profile...=newage+custard
  14. Diab

    GRAW Vids

    Yeah I've heard of this issue, make sure the filesize equates to that of the filesize I have put next to the link otherwise you won't have the full video. Also the Final mission video is DivX. Hit [DivX] and download the player bundle which will install a codec so that Win Media Player can play the file and a dedicated DivX media player also, either or works fine.
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