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  1. Why this game is so flawed is beyond me. I was expecting the dogs ******** of a game. Realistic gunfire, not one shot one kill rubbish. I wanted to fire my gun and have to think about where the round was going to land. Gamespy, why oh why can you not ship a game with cd key protection but avoid gamespy, they are the same as star force in my book. If it works wow your lucky this time, this time not so lucky. If this isnt hot fixed then im just going to avoid Ubisoft games in the future, even if that means losing out on a classic. This is a moan post but ive been constructive!
  2. Have to feel sorry for you guys in the States, in the UK Ubi is offering a guaranteed delivery on release day or you get the game and your money back. Plus just to rub it in, in the UK we have something called the 'Distance Selling Act' which means you can rufuse delivery for an item you bought online and the courier has to take it back to the company for a full refund including the shipping charges. You guys need that protection!
  3. Got the same sound issue, sometimes i can hear enemies shotting when i havnt even walked around the corner to notice me yet, bit bizarre but sure can be eaily hot fixed
  4. Yep its def supported, though im still pretty crappy at blowing things up so i only get nades going off. Bullets get some nice effects with knocks off walls. Shame ive been so busy with work that ive only had about 1.5hrs to play, will try and fraps some explosions if i get the chance and get better
  5. MP or no MP im not really bothered, its our 1st chance to get our hands on the game so looking forward to that more than anything else. Will even leave work early just to watch my PPU get its forst work out
  6. Yeah 1 hour more than GMT, but to release it then is sheer craziness cause of all our Americian friends being awake. Anyone thinking would release either when the Amercians are in bed or us Europeans are in bed, not when we are both awake and ready to crash servers all over the world
  7. Unfortunatly not, they gave me this quite cool knock bricks down with a ball demo but this was the oem version so nothing very cool for me ← What was the price on your card? Hack ← I payed £220 for the card, a lot of money but this is one piece of technology i can see going far. After watching the trailers and screenshots i could see where my money was going, plus i have no gf atm to rob me blind
  8. Unfortunatly not, they gave me this quite cool knock bricks down with a ball demo but this was the oem version so nothing very cool for me
  9. Yep its PCI slot for these, PCIe is expected late this year. Nice addition and im sure will be worth it come end of this week
  10. Mentioned on Sunday that i had ordered my PPU card and thought i would post a couple of pics of the card with a full review once i can get my hands on that dam demo. Do like the little blue LED's on the bottom of the card, look nice inside the case One thing to note is that 3dmark 06 runs a lot better now thanks to this beauty, though still painful on the system
  11. Unfortunatley i really dont think there is a way to run PCI cards on PCIe slots which is quite stupid of the MB companies. Im quite lucky that my last PCIe MB bit the dust a month ago and upgraded to a MSI neo4 board which is probably the best board ive owned in terms of features and upgrading ability thanks to it not being SLi ready!!
  12. If the demo comes with Ageia support, could you write a review of the card and the effects, perhaps take some screenshots as well? Could be fun to see. ← Sure will do, like to show off the new rig i bought esp for GRAW. Personally i think these cards are the future though i do agree that in MP it may need to be turned off agaist some of you guys
  13. Bought my ppu card today, in the uk only place i could find is scan.co.uk, good company with a reasonable price
  14. Really GPU's are not good for Physics processing, if you want the eye candy you need to pay your £200 and have it. Its like pulling a girl, you get what you pay for, buy cheap buy twice!!!!!
  15. My amazon delivery date has been updated to 4/5/06 which makes me very happy, PPX card has just been ordered
  16. Cheating in the game really should come down as hard as gravity allows. I wish they would link cheating to your cd key but i cant see that happening. Please GRIN make this a priority of the game, we all want to play a fair MP game and not need to worry about that impossible headshot
  17. Hi, first post waiting for something like this to come along Does anyone know if we can buy these cards in the UK? i can feel my CC getting a beating on one of thsoe
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